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Ever shared a shower with someone else?

Yes 0.15845070422535 15.8% [ 45 ]
No 0.29929577464789 29.9% [ 85 ]
More than one 0.049295774647887 4.9% [ 14 ]
Yes but it was with family 0.16197183098592 16.2% [ 46 ]
a close friend 0.066901408450704 6.7% [ 19 ]
my lover/spouse 0.1443661971831 14.4% [ 41 ]
We didn't get much bathing done... 0.11971830985915 12.0% [ 34 ]
Total Votes:[ 284 ]
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Skadi Sundermount's avatar

Jatel's Wife

So there you are, minding you're own business, trying to get clean, when along comes the AAY! What do you do?
BritAurora's avatar

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A troll in a tub...interesting
Skadi Sundermount's avatar

Jatel's Wife

Sick my bunny on her!
Gah! *leaps out of tub and lunges for sword and towel, slipping and falling on the wet floor* Can't get a minute of rest around here! Now en garde, or else get your large bunny and get out of here!
Hiktashu's avatar

4,900 Points
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Jesus Christ! A pirate! *Jumps out of the bath*
Mutatsu's avatar

Lonely Perfectionist

You perv! Get outta here! *throws cat*
Ghoul Mistress's avatar

Fashionable Vampire

Why is your cat looking so frightened? I happen to think I have a pretty damn good body for someone that's been dead for 800 years!
Dere Aya's avatar

Jeering Lunatic

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I'm just imagining things if I close my eyes nothing will be there when I open them. -shuts eyes tightly before opening them- Why are you still here?!
Knight of Plagues's avatar

Distinct Hunter

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Luckily for you I don't have my gun. Get out of here!
OMG, your bats are flying everywhere. Get out now!
Admiral Forte's avatar

Dangerous Explorer

Er... Want to join? I've never bathed with a brunette.... Human!
The more the merrier!

v. gonk Am I not womanly enough, being surrounded by mermaids? You're lucky I don't carry my guns!
You go but the mermaids stay.
*Covers Self* What are you doing walking in on your Mother! And what did I tell you, Play with your toy guns outside!
BlacklValentine's avatar

Steadfast Defender

S-ss-s-s--s-s-s-s-s-SPIDER #_#;;;
Ahh!! *covers up and runs out of the shower*
(Notice that I didn't try to kill you... I don't know how big you are-- If you're life-sized, I probably wouldn't want to start anything with you >_>; )

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