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But it's still good; n.n

After you get all of that stuff done, you can move onto something that's actually beneficial to you. c:
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Eloquent Noob

That's true(ep).
See, there's your silver lining. c:
Princess_Feylin's avatar

Apocalyptic Cat

I would have liked to make bad choices last night, but the opportunity never presented itself and so I continue to be cast in the "good" role that I would happily abdicate (and I apologize for rambling).
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Invisible Friend

Real life bad choices are never worth making.
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Tipsy Ladykiller

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I've made too many bad choices in my life; it's like my whole life was one huge bad choice.
L I N Z Y B E E's avatar

Mega Nerd

I made a lot of bad choices but in the end they turned out to be what I needed to have happen in order to better myself...

Saturday Mournings's avatar

Invisible Friend

Well, hmm... Then those were long term good choices without immediate benefits.
Saturday Mournings's avatar

Invisible Friend

Tomorrow, I'm going to do a seemingly fun 5k run/obstacle course in the blistering desert heat with my dad;
When it kicks my a**, I'll be more motivated to get in shape and be like this guy.
Princess_Feylin's avatar

Apocalyptic Cat

That sounds fascinating, Saturday, and I wish you good luck despite your gloomy prognosis.
Admirable as it sounds, I will do nothing of the sort instead.
My plan today is to drink coffee and do useless things.
[ ʄiⅼⅼɣ ]
Oh, that reminds me -- I have to cut up the ginger and boil it.
It's 11.30pm, I got like three hours of sleep last night and my dad is listening to Black Sabbath with the tv on very, very, very loud; Gosh, I love my family....

Speaking of accomplishments, I finally cleaned my fish tank; The fish look very happy with their new gravel. n.n

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