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Yeah, I know; Which is why we made a point of seeing eachother whenever possible right from the beginning of our relationship; I was just there for 90 days before christmas and he came over for a bit over two weeks last month;

All in all, we usually see eachother around twice a year for a varying amount of time and have done so since we started dating; Unfortunately, transatlantic flights aren't exactly cheap, but hey...it's still something. xD
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Mega Nerd

That IS something indeed...gosh I am incredibly happy for you, Pegsie Pie(ep). emotion_kirakira
Yeah, we take this pretty seriously, which I'm fairly certain surprises some people, seeing as it all started as just an online thing; n.n

Serious enough for Stray to actually ask my father for my hand before proposing...which I would've loved to see since Stray can't speak Finnish and my dad can't speak English. xD
L I N Z Y B E E's avatar

Mega Nerd


That's such a great story though(ep)

I don't ever discredit gaia relationships...I was in a pretty fun one and then some of my best friends are still in long distance relationships after having met through gaia and plan on moving together soon or already have moved together. :3
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Apocalyptic Cat

I suddenly feel awkward posting in here.
I suddenly feel awkward posting in here.
Why so(qm). o:
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Apocalyptic Cat

It's like the feeling you get when you realize you've walked in on someone's invitation-only skating rink birthday party and you were just there to test out the blades on your skates, if that makes any sense at all (which I expect it probably doesn't because I haven't had nearly enough sleep for sense-making).
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Apocalyptic Cat

Best wishes for your engagement, by the way.
Makes perfect sense;

...man, I hated being that outside person as a kid; -.-

Oh, thank you kindly. o:
I rather enjoy being outside now, because sneaking up on animals is awesome -- with humans, it depends on what they're holding and how easily spooked they are.
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Apocalyptic Cat

There're no animals in my vicinity to sneak up on, but perching places and startling people is always fun.
Provided they don't swing around and manage to actually hit you, yeah. biggrin
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Apocalyptic Cat

They'd have to swing pretty high.
I'm not that short in real life. XD

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