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Questionable Cat

Dude, your avatar! It rocks!
First of all, it like really really goes with your username! At first glance your username looks something like a kaleidoscope, and your avatar looks like what one sees within kaleidoscopes! Talk about badass! Also, it looks like you have the details down to microscopic properties! Totally jives with your username.

Secondly, I love how your avatar just all floooooows together. It is so pleasing to the eye and the colors are just amazing!

And lastly, I adore how exotic it looks whee
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Generous Gatekeeper

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oh my god this look is so darling , I wish I mean wow you are awsome !

that is ironic razz she is a girl
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Distinct Phantom

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I'll be honest as to the fact that I don't exactly know which gender your avi is, but it adds to the pleasant "Mysterious" feeling/vibe that it gives off which is wonderful, the background plus the outfit and the floating orbs fit so well together that it's scary.
tsundevilish's avatar

Tipsy Fatcat

The transparent/fading effects looks great especially when you notice the subtle yet contrasting eyes! emotion_kirakira
Eunica Chambers's avatar

Timely Detective

((Your avatar's adorable in that schoolgirl-with-frequent-panty-shots way. >w> ))
Avril Dizzy Ocho's avatar

Hardcore Genius

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Again, I love your outfit. But how, specifically?

1) Matching hat and dress color
2) Dress style - very Eunica
3) That cute little bow in front of the dress
4) Gloves - nice touch
5) Socks layered on top of the pants to make them look like they're part of the boots

Plus the smile. ^_^
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Sparkly Lunatic

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Your organized list of "nice things" is just too cute! Nerds are awesome!
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Elrom's Wife

Enduring Sex Symbol

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Mmmm your avatar looks like a bad-a** tattoo! I would love to wear it XD!

That said: I loved evrything you've done with this avatar, so much so I don't know where to start.

Fantastic job.
tsundevilish's avatar

Tipsy Fatcat

An absolutely adorable maid! emotion_kirakira
Evanescently's avatar

Beloved Fairy

I love the classic school girl look. Though, this one is less anime, and more punk. Love!
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Noble Werewolf

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So cute! heart I really love your use of creams and browns! heart You've done an awesome job working with those colors! heart
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Tipsy Flatterer

How you managed to make such a beautiful, elaborate avatar with only white is beyond me. You are truly a master (er, mistress? ) of color.
Mathew Mii's avatar

Lonely Nerd

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Your avatar is so cool looking! I love the punkiness of it. A lot.
Jedi Sasquatch's avatar

Heart Attacker

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Very nice Zoro homage, good sir. (And don't try to pretend it's not a Zoro homage!)
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Dan D Mann's avatar

Ruthless Husband

You look fabulous.

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