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wow i love how the little notes of pink match with the background! your expression is lovely as well!
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        I absolutely love that shade of purple on your avi.
        Also, I like those eyes paired with the mascara.
        Not often do I see someone using that combination.
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i love this. it's such a unique combo of items and combined with your title...it's just...wow. totally ready for summer
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Lonely Nerd

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I love your dark and gloomy avatar.
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Striking Sex Symbol

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OMG! Your Waluigi makes me laugh so hard! rofl

v Colette is head over heels for the new tenor in the opera house heart
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Fluffy Girl

Your avatar looks like she has just spotted a hot fella. Who, I wonder! Perhaps a Gaia NPC? She seems very love drunk over said fella. She could easily win the said fella's heart with her lovely and elegant gown. She looks absolutely lovely and any prince would want to sweep her off her feet. However, I think that Spork shouldn't be too loved up as this might scare away her prince charming. Just be your loveable self.
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...oh my god Kimzy ... how adorb are you ? Your the perfect little sister , I love the browns . you have out did your self .
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Familiar Conquest

The items you used to create that face look stunning together. I like the monochrome, and the different textures in the outfit.
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Questionable Cat

Your avatar.
It's freaking fantastic!
The blues, how the rainbow intermixes with everything and just the flow!
It's awesome! whee
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Peaceful Conversationalist

            All those mint and gold colors. I adore it! The face is a cute expression that fits perfectly
            with the ensemble. I love every bit of this. The detail is perfect.
            i'm overly gushing and that cat looks like my cat
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Such a creative display! I've never seen anything like it!
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Distinct Gaian

User Image[It's empty in the valley of your heart...]User Image

~...The sun, it rises slowly as you walk...~

^^ Your avi is lovely mix of beautiful and frightening. I love that it's a monochromatic theme as well. Simply stunning.


^ You look like you belong in one of my all time favorite movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

User Image[...Away from all the fears
And all the faults you've left behind
]User Image
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Gauze I just ,,, the powderpuff pixie oh how cute art you ? there is nothing wrong with anything you have done
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Desirable Spirit

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I really love the combination of blues/purples in this avatar! She looks mythical yet pronounced~
Lovely job!
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I really like the color scheme and how you managed to get every item to work perfectly!

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