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If the answer is "1433 days", what is the question?

"At what point do libraries abandon fines and introduce hitmen?" 0.3253358925144 32.5% [ 678 ]
"How long does it take Stephen Hawking to sing Bohemian Rhapsody?" 0.26919385796545 26.9% [ 561 ]
"I am the Leap Year Killer, when will I strike next?" 0.40547024952015 40.5% [ 845 ]
Total Votes:[ 2084 ]
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I don't get the question. Care to explain it to me?

I really like to draw and make up stories as both test my logic and creativity. Another creative activity I like to do, although it's not done oh-so very often, is building mascot-type heads to wear.

Do you believe that luck determines how successful someone can be?
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Absolutely not. It may be a contributing factor, but it's definitely not what determines success in any manner. I'm assuming you're referring to success of a monetary status though since the combination of "luck" and "success" often lead to the subject of high living and whatnot. But yes, there is no one thing that sets a successful person apart from an unsuccessful person. Or even an average person. Other things constitute into that equation such as education, environment, opportunity, vision, etc.. etc.. Orphaned Korean boy wins the Korean Idol: solely luck that he was given that chance by a generous bystander who saw his skill. Obama winning presidency: luck, yes, to a certain extent, but most of it was probably cunning, careful planning, and a show of knowledge and logic that got others to see how capable he was. Catch my drift? :]

What are your thoughts on children being able to have access to the internet as an early age in modern days?
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I think this surge of technology and innovation is great. I think that it is important for all people to have access to free, uncensored information, thought, news, or publishings of any sort online. The trade off, of course, is how to be a parent. The same was said when television became wide spread. It is not society's job to tell parents what to do in their private homes.

It is the parents' duty to their child to actually raise their child, and not use the internet, or for that matter, television, or video games as a baby sitter. If you are not involved with your children now, they will not be involved as they continue to grow. Being a parent is being a parent. It is of course a pleasure to have some free time, but when you have a kid, you're raising a person.

Think of it this way: You're not raising a child. You're raising the adult they're going to be. It's great for kids to learn the ways of the online world. But be *involved.*If you aren't, then they'll spend their adult lives as drones on the computer too.

TNP: What is the worst physical pain you have ever been through?
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When I was five years old, my family had a Dalmatian. You know, those white, black-spotted dogs? They're really friendly. But one day, I had no idea what happened to him. Out of nowhere, the dog bit my right knee with his teeth deep in it. I struggled to get him off but he also bit my left elbow in the process. I cried for about 30 seconds until finally someone chased him out of the house.

After suffering two deep bites, I was rushed to the hospital for some rabies shots. I was at the hospital all day and all night. I received six shots in total: two on each arm and one shot each for my butt cheeks. Yep. Worst kind of physical feeling there is for a five year old kid. That was really tough, man. I couldn't sleep at night because of my sore butt cheeks. Until now, I have no clue why the dog acted that way he did. Sigh.

Edit: Oh and because I was scared of needles, I pleaded not for the doctors to stitch the wounds shut. I let them heal that way and I have scars to remind me of that nasty day.

Do you believe in fate? Why or why not?
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No, there is no such thing as fate , I prefer to believe that we make our own decisions, thereby determining the course of our future, and consequently showing that the notion of fate is false.

I prefer blaming myself for my mistakes rather than blaming it on some imaginary invisible entity called Fate.

Have you ever experience love at first sight ? if you do, can you describe it ?
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Familiar Conquest

I have not. I also do not believe in it.

Tell us about an obstacle in your life that you overcame.
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Being over 300 pounds in my late teens/early 20s. I've dropped near 150 pounds over the past couple of years and I still have about 20 pounds to go until I am in the "green", but I am so glad I made the choices I have.... I was always over-weight, even as a wee toddler, and growing up quite over-weight was not fun at all. I didn't get any of the cutesy little girl clothes (none fit), or any of the striking teen clothes or anything.
But now I'm making up for it with letting myself indulge in a cute dress/skirt/top from Modcloth >_>

If you could either have the ability to possess infinite knowledge or the ability to fly, which would you choose and why?
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^That's an incredible accomplishment!!!!!! I tip my hat to you... multiple times~ 3nodding

The ability to fly, definitely the ability to fly. Infinite knowledge is so incredibly powerful, but to me, that would make life extremely dull and boring. There would be no need for schools, educational classes, or even life. Some things are not meant to be known, and some things are meant to be found out through living. Infinite wisdom takes the little things out of life that make it so enjoyable.
(Then again, I might just be biased. I've always wanted super powers since I was a kid. The ability to fly would be so fun and handy. It's like something out of a dream~)

Which do you think is worse, Saying not enough or Saying too much?
Saying too much.

Then again I am a storyteller. In writing, saying too much usually translates to 'giving the readers all the details that they need and don't need.' It goes against my own writing style, since for me, horror rests on the pedestal of 'you never asked'. I find it more fun and engaging to let people figure out stuff for themselves, give it a bit of thought, then after a little interpretation, let the real truth of things hit them in the face. The trope to describe this would be 'Fridge Horror'.

Saying too much kind of gives away the surprise. And that feeling. So yeah.

While we're on that topic, what trope (or cliche phrase, if you don't know tropes) applies most to your life?
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Huh. How about this? "Overly imaginative chick living in a lazy cycle of nothingness" If you couldn't tell, I made that up like two seconds ago. I couldn't really say. Maybe I'll do some looking up later. Or maybe I'm the classic shy bookworm stuck in a daydream most of the time. Beats me.

Do you believe in miracles? Why or why not?
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No. Outliers exist, some good, some bad. Miracles are essentially a paradox. If it isn't impossible, it isn't a miracle. If it is impossible, it cannot occur.

What's something you wish you could do more often, provided the time/resources?
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Make more instruments. I always have to rely upon my dad in order to work on new projects, as only he is allowed to use the various power tools in our basement workshop. He is very overprotective, and I am too timid for my own good. We have to gather the materials needed for a project, I have to explain in great detail what I need made, and we work on it together.

I've only made three instruments so far (a coconut sanshin, a 16-stringed lyre and a spike fiddle) and a third, a Greek lyre, is in the planning phase. If I had unlimited time and resources, I'd be churning out new instrument designs to no end.

What do you think is the ultimate fate of humanity as a species?
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Everyone is stupid to everyone else because we can only see our reason. Ultimately to continue on is pointless. We are all basically doomed in the end. why would someone ask this it is highly controversial and almost always offends someone in the process of delivering its answer. Or at least it seems very emo. oh well for a happier note...

What is ur favorite show?
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Doctor Who!

What is your least favorite chore?

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