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If the answer is "1433 days", what is the question?

"At what point do libraries abandon fines and introduce hitmen?" 0.32561505065123 32.6% [ 675 ]
"How long does it take Stephen Hawking to sing Bohemian Rhapsody?" 0.26869271587072 26.9% [ 557 ]
"I am the Leap Year Killer, when will I strike next?" 0.40569223347805 40.6% [ 841 ]
Total Votes:[ 2073 ]
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Manly Lunatic

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I live in Minnesota. The sun isn't out long enough, without snow accompanying it, to tan. In all seriousness, no. I stay pretty white no matter how much time I spend in the summers refereeing.

Do you enjoy playing games with others or do you prefer to be alone when playing?
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Hygienic Gekko

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It usually depends on what company I'm with, If It's Online gaming, I try to play alone, If it's traditional gaming, I try play with casual people who enjoy the game more than the win itself.

What's your favorite WG? What's your least favorite?
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Amateur Saint

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((OOC: There're several of each [favourite and least favourite/non-favourite]. I particularly like Kay's WG Roulette and Candy's Write a poem using a line from the poem above you -- which, I am keenly aware, is at odds with my current avoidance of Gaia in general (hence my sparse posting) and with that of those two games in particular; it's because I want to be in a state where I can give quality responses in those two threads when I post. As to my least favourite, anything with or alluding to action that I would personally consider best left in the privacy of the bedrooms or other spaces out of which those threads take them -- as a matter of fact, such WGs are in my "Utter Dislike" category. [Zero intention of forcing my preferences here, but it does, at the very least, make me uncomfortable; there *is* a story behind that, but I'm not comfortable with letting it out to the public at large, either.]

TNP: what would you give for a chance to win a million dollars [or the equivalent in your currency; and I'm not necessarily talking about US dollars, but use that as the benchmark if you wish]?

v Nice answer, Jay!))
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Eloquent Friend

I have zero shame, but I have my integrity and sense of empathy. I live by a philosophy that all things tangible are meaningless. All of us, all of our things, will one day be dust. Right now I am at a stage in my life where I am dipping into my savings to pay my bills. It is in fact pretty scary; by this time next year if something doesn't improve or if I cannot find new work, I will lose my home ^^ It does shake me up a bit. So, the notion of doing something for *any* amount of money right now is a pragmatic one. I've been doing this-and-that stuff lately, accepting generosity which I normally would reject, hounding newspapers for coupons and the like. The million would rest the mind a bit!

I'm not exactly a lavish spender; I happily live in a small apartment (the door leads into my bedroom in fact. The other two rooms are the kitchen and bathroom). I have no use for things - for that matter I've got no place to put it. I have a small collection of books and DVDs, and that's about all I need for my entertainment here. I know if I got that million I wouldn't just go and buy stuff - it'd just be to pay my bills and perhaps use it to pursue composition more.

Really, a line is drawn if I'm asked to harm another being in some way. Anything that's victimless? At this stage, I'd probably do it rofl

TNP: Is there anyone in your life, whenever you try to talk about them, you end up getting a bit choked up?
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Lucky Star

        Nope, not at all. emotion_c8

        Are you content with where you are living,
        next poster? Why or why not?
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Tricky Rogue

I live in a Canada-US border city, and, uh... we're next door neighbours to Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit-Windsor is the absolute largest and busiest crossing of the entire border, bar none. Each city is beautiful in its own respect. Detroit is the Motor City, Windsor is the Rose City. Both are the automotive hubs of their respective countries. Both are loaded with a crazy amount of history. War of 1812, Bootlegging, Home of The Big Three, Hiram Walker (Yes, your Canadian Club whiskey was brewed here and here alone), soooo much art, so much culture.

But the glory days are quite gone. Both cities are severely wounded. On the mend, but they could never be the same. Being so firmly rooted in the automotive industry, 2008 destroyed many people's lives and livelihoods.

Windsor is has the highest unemployment rate in all of Canada. Windsor has only a nightlife to boast of; if you are younger than 19, there is nothing here for you. Windsor's air and water are possibly carcinogenic, because Detroit burns all of its waste in an incinerator and runs coal-burning plants, which we are immediately downwind of. We are "The Smog Capital of Canada". The area I live in is fraught with drug trafficking and prostitution. I've witnessed a kidnapping, and sheltered a woman who'd almost been abducted.

To actually answer your question, I adore the history of where I live, but I am not content in remaining here.
However, remain I must.

Tell me about your favourite pet. If you've never owned a pet, what species/breed of animal would you be most interested in keeping?
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Jeering Bookworm

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Well, the lump of dog on my lap is called Tank. He's two-ish, heavy as a sack of bricks, and he's my official "you went off to college, here's what we chose" replacement. He's an English bulldog and he makes the most disgusting of noises. Can't wag his tail because it's kinda inverted. It's hard to tell when he's being affectionate because he'd rather you scratch his a** than his belly.
But he's cuddly, he waits for us to get home when one of us is late by hanging over the couch, and he's smart enough for me (sit, shake, and down.)


What do you like to learn about?
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Big Member

A little bit of everything. Civilizations, space, culture, movies, processes/how things are made, common misconceptions, the 'why' behind stuff. Unless it's math-related, it's really not that difficult to pique my interest and make me want to learn more about it.

What's something you're really really good at?
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Amateur Saint

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((OOC: Spotting cognates in the better-known West Germanic and Romance languages. It's one of my vocabulary extension strategies that I put to use in the learning of such languages.

TNP: If you could go to any place - real or fictional or speculated to exist - in the universe (or even outside of it), where would you wish to go?

v I feel you, Mathew. Or rather, I know some form of what it's like to be an outcast, so I empathise. A huge thumbs-up to your having the courage to stand up for what's right even in the face of ostracism. That sentiment of wanting to always return to where you fit in and belong isn't something that should be brushed off as too unimportant or too mushy, either. All in all, I personally find that a reasonable - if not good - basis for your answer. *warm smile*))
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Lonely Nerd

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Portland, Oregon, or any place near there. For a long time, I have been an outcast and I have no desires of being "normal" like everyone else where I live (the definition of normal here is using at least one illegal drug and play rated M games, mainly CoD). Portland is a green city and it looks like it can handle the fact that there are people like us out there. In fact, it used to be where Kumoricon took place (I went there back in 09 and I must say this: It was the first time in my life that I actually fit in and the feeling was great. I did not have to hide who I was). Lastly, it's near Seattle and the new Kumoricon location.

^ Thank you.

Sorry for the self pity... Anyways, Do you have a favorite movie/book/video game/ect. That is not popular? If so, what is it?
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Kindly Lunatic

I am enamored with many unpopular things. I suppose my love for Jim Knipfel, especially his books The Buzzing and Slackjaw. Most people I speak to have never heard of these books, but they are two of my favorites.

If you could be the uncontested best in the world at one thing, what would it be? Why?
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Questionable Cat

Gosh um...
I guess the best writer in the world?
I'm not even remotely interested in writing but when someone is really, really good at writing, people from all over the world tend to read their work. I would love it if I could reach over a million people with stories that hold bits of wisdom that I believe people could benefit from o 3o
Kind of like a soap box thing but without public speaking. >_>

.... If that makes sense.

If you became a millionaire, what would you still never buy? Why?
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Blessed Gaian

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I would still never buy a luxury muscle car like a Corvet or Comaro. I'd rather buy a Luxury SUV because I love the space, size, and features. Plus fancy tiny muscle car would be horrible on country roads. xd

If you could eat anything you wanted for one day what would your meals?
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Manly Lunatic

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Breakfast: jelly filled doughnuts
Lunch- some sort of buffet containing sandwiches and some seafood
Dinner- bacon wrapped filet mingon and shrimp.

How bad are storms where you live? Ever have a really bad storm where property was damaged?
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Sparkly Lunatic

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I have lots of tornadic weather and storms where I live. Our large oak tree drops branches nearly every storm. Luckily, that is the extent of the damage to our property *knocks on wood*!

What is your favorite cartoon?

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