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If the answer is "1433 days", what is the question?

"At what point do libraries abandon fines and introduce hitmen?" 0.32578313253012 32.6% [ 676 ]
"How long does it take Stephen Hawking to sing Bohemian Rhapsody?" 0.26843373493976 26.8% [ 557 ]
"I am the Leap Year Killer, when will I strike next?" 0.40578313253012 40.6% [ 842 ]
Total Votes:[ 2075 ]
Any Disney song makes me feel better. In fact, I have playlist just for that reason. Anything associated with Disney makes me happy. But this is probably one of my favorite pick-me ups:

I used to listen to this all the time before bed. It's so relaxing and it makes me feel like a princess.

Who is your best friend? Tell me about them.
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Eloquent Friend

You can find a link to my best friend in my profile. He's on Gaia known as Saint Beastly (He's changed his username a few times, such as Saint of Beasts or Daishutao.) You all have him to thank/blame for bringing me here in the first place. At first I was not interested at all. In fact I didn't log in for another month after I first signed up, but he pushed me back, and well here I am.

We've known each other since five, back in the days of playing T-ball. Then in elementary school and middle school, I went to school in a different town. In high school, we sat next to one another in science, and we've just been hanging out ever sense. There are a number of photos of the two of us sparring in his back back yard. We have a love for nerdy things, B movies, martial arts, making fun of corruption, and junk food.

When I was in college, he joined the Air Force as a mechanic. He was honorably discharged due to his ADD after a few years. I know it was a blow to him, but he is a happy man, and he has a great girlfriend. Due to our contrasting schedules in our jobs, we've not gotten to hang out as often as we'd really like to. But today in fact: we're going to our dear buddy's wedding - another friend of ours from high school. He used to be on Gaia as well, though has since left (and I don't think he was ever on WGs).

Stan, I give you all the bromance I can. Hope we can chill more soon, and I'm sure our buddies LJ and Melissa will have an eternity of happiness together starting today biggrin

TNP: Have you ever had a dream that caused you to act, think, or feel differently from that day forward?
Maybe a little inappropriate, I dunno. Before I forget, tnp' favourite dream?
V I asked what's Tnp's favourite dream is. Oh well.

From what I remember, it starts with me completely flunking my school year, to the point where a repeat is not a plausible solution. I was then escorted to this sort of monorail thing, and I was supposed to get on. The monorail then brings me, and quite a few other faceless people - at least, they had those kind of forgettable faces - through a bunch of different areas, where more and more people got on. And the fact rings that I was the only one in my uniform, where everyone else either looked like dropouts or what one would generally consider 'society's scum'.
Along the way the monorail passed by my aunt. Being the person I was, I waved hello to her from the monorail. She turned away and gave that disgusted look that I know she'd never pull, but yeah.
The monorail then goes onward to this room, large and white and empty, and everyone gets off and stands around. By then I was starting to think of leaving, but the door just disappears. And the ceiling vents start to leak gas, and at that moment did I feel the fear. For I realised that we were brought here because all our grades had failed. Stupendously, low of the low, failed, and we were going to die like the rotten scum we are because we cannot tarnish the reputation of our education system for others to see, and that normal people want nothing to do with us, not even mour blood relatives.

I guess the normal reaction would be to pay utmost attention to my studies, but it's given me a different feeling. Those feelings I experienced, what is to say that they are not real? A projection of imagined images and sound alone are enough to make me wake up and scream and cry until my roommate fell out of bed in shock. The feelings that those alone can invoke in someone - that is the standard that I aim my works to be able to do. Rouse those kind of vivid, heart-thumping feelings with words, and lead the readers' brains on in piecing the words and pictures into a full-on experience that will make them scream.
A question wasn't posted so I'll post for the next person.

Have you ever succumbed to peer pressure?
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Lonely Nerd

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Yes. My friends pressured me into getting a tumblr account.

Did you ever win an award in high school? If you won more than one, which one is the biggest? If none, how do you feel about it?
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I mean, I guess I won choir medals/trophies and a drawing contest once, but I never really won anything huge. I didn't really care either way though. Getting a "good job" from my teachers was usually enough to motivate me, hahaha.

Would you consider yourself well traveled? If not, where would you like to go first if you could suddenly afford it?
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Tricky Rogue

Well, I've been to more American States than Canadian Provinces... That's 2 and 1, respectively. And I live in Canada. So I'd say, no, I am most definitely not well-traveled.

If the cash were made suddenly available, my first stop would be Ireland. There are some old estates that belonged to my ancestors that I'm terribly interested in going to see. And the scenery along the way would be absolutely stunning, or so I can only imagine.

Are you a sportsfan at all? Which sport is the most interesting to you?
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Invisible Phantom

Kind of. I've lived in Denmark for a year, and I've been to multiple other countries. But really, I won't feel like I'm really well traveled before I've travelled the world. Whether I can afford it or not, I plan to go to either Greece or Russia first. ninja'd

I really don't care about sports in the slightest. I do find extreme sports of any kind pretty interesting to watch though. I'd never do it myself.

If you turned into a bird, what would be the first thing you'd do? (Other than freak out about being a bird)
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Big Member

Fly, of course. I've always been afraid of heights, so it would be awesome to just be able to fly and be all "whatever" about it. Of course, if I transformed into a bird I assume I'd have a bird-sized brain and not remember being human...so my previous fear might not actually mean anything anymore.

What's your dream job? Are you working towards doing that?
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Questionable Cat

My dream job is to be a licensed clinical social worker*.
I am most certainly working towards this. I already have the underpaying social work job that you tend to get when you graduate with a bachelors degree in psychology and don't live in a major city. I have also recently applied to a graduate school. Fingers crossed that I get accepted and start working towards my MSW (master of social work) and then LCSW!

*: I realize that I am a servant of the community. I just want to be able to do more.

If you could own one item from Gaia in real life, what item would it be and why?
Rina's hair and pigtails. :C
I wish my hair looked effortlessly anime all the time.

Is there anything that happened to you that to this day, you're still not sure what it was all about?
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I want to answer this question by saying like...most things in my life, in a way? I guess? Haha. Okay if I had to pick one thing I'd probably say that growing up in a Christian home, I was influenced by religion a lot and had to go through, with a kid's mentality, what religion meant and whether it was good or bad, how to deal with the things I didn't agree with, etc. and I had a lot of trouble with things about Christianity/attending church/trusting in God etc so I ended up deciding, later in my teens, that I wasn't a religious person and didn't want to be, and that the fulfillment I found in my life had nothing to do with a God, so I'm going to say that a lot of things about being raised Christian still confuse me and make me wonder about stuff, so I'm not sure what that was all about.

I'm not sure if I really hit the nail on the head with this, I hope this was somewhere along the lines of what you're asking.

TNP, when was a time that you felt complete?
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Shy Bookworm

I feel complete now, being friends with a certain special someone.

~points to my sig~


TNP, has there ever been a time that you were genuinely in fear for your life?
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Fluffy Girl

Yes, actually. I was strangled by a boy in my house, and I was very scared. My brother managed to get him off me. The boy was my brother's friend but after that incident my brother stopped being his friend.

Do you tan easily?

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