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If the answer is "1433 days", what is the question?

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"How long does it take Stephen Hawking to sing Bohemian Rhapsody?" 0.26919385796545 26.9% [ 561 ]
"I am the Leap Year Killer, when will I strike next?" 0.40547024952015 40.5% [ 845 ]
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Home is where the heart is. But if I really had to migrate, I'd choose the States. I'd probably just get a small house with decent internet workings and live a simple life from then on. n_n

A talent that you'd like to have, TNP, if you could choose any.
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Hm, I would really like to be better at art..either that or really good at making flash. It's hard to pick just one!

If you could get rid of one of your fears, which one would it be?
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Questionable Cat

Cockroaches/palmetto bugs. Would be quite useful, seeing I live in an old apartment in Florida....

What is your clothing style irl like?
Just black,
Usually some jeans.
I'm pretty simple.
I calmed down a lot I use to have a Mohawk, blue hair, pink. Just about every color.

Now I just have a few tattoos, piercings, and hair not so crazy.

TNP, what did you want to be when you grew up?
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Familiar Conquest

A mother / house wife.

What is your dream job, and do you think you'll ever get it?
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Shy Phantom

Y'know, to be honest, I don't really have one. When I look at careers and "success" and the end result that all of our schools and education try to tell us to chase, I just... don't see it. My parents, understandably, don't share my view, telling me that I'm going to starve to death or live in their basement or something, but why can't they see past this silly little game that everyone seems to play?

In the end, I want to live a life of spirituality.

Do you consider yourself to be a good person?

V Good enough for me. No pun intended.
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((OOC: ^ *bows*))

(Note: If you don't like my answer, I'm fine with that, but I'm not going to change it.)

<OOC mode="on">
(This ties in to my first post in this thread.)

Do I consider myself to be a good person?

In order to properly consider this question we have to define what can be qualified as "good". By most conventional definitions, "goodness" corresponds to any value (except those condemned by one and all, of course) considered beneficial in a certain context. So courage, kindness, sincerity, righteousness (NOT self-righteousness) and so on make the list. For my part, I do my best to be polite and precise, and politeness would be considered good in many a context (I'm not sure about precision, but I'm told precise feedback is good; that said, if ever you feel I've been too heavy-handed or too backhanded [in other words, too much of a jerkass] with it, please, please, please let me know. It's something I need to work on), so I might have at least a minimal claim to the title of "good person" by a conventional definition.

But I've chosen to follow God, so that means He matters first and foremost to me. And in His book (I meant this metaphorically, but you can take a non-metaphorical interpretation of this expression), as things currently stand (after Adam and Eve and their one bad choice*), anything I do that's conventionally considered "good" but that isn't centred in Him is, in His eyes, nothing but the most gruesome of dirty rags. That and the fact that all sin that I commit displeases Him (and that's an understatement, especially given the hatred He has for sin) puts the probability that I can ever be considered a good person in His eyes at zero.
* I say "their choice", but I wonder if, in their place, I would have done the same...

Yet He loves me so much that He sent His Son Jesus Christ to give His life for my sins - along with those of all humankind - on the cross. He loves me so much that He was willing to take the penalty for all that disgusts Him upon Himself, and is willing to take it out of my life and shape me into the image of Christ, provided I come to Him. (That said, this story need not be just my own.)
I've not been very consistent in approaching Him, but I resolve to put those days behind me and make a habit of going to Him everyday.

So, am I good? By the world's definition, perhaps a little; by God's, not on my own, and given the current state of things, not fully. But I want to be, and I will be when He returns; in the meantime, I will continue to make mistakes. Please give me feedback if ever you perceive me to have made one, and I'll do my best to improve.

By the way, speaking of sin, I have no intent to bash anyone, and definitely not those who identify as LGBT, nor LGBT sympathisers. Sure, it's spoken of in the Bible as a sin, but then so are a host of other things ranging from murder and adultery to theft (even petty theft) and lying. Jesus extended it to thoughts (looking lustfully at a woman constitutes adultery of the heart, for example) and non-righteous anger. And on countless occasions, I've thought a LOT of bad thoughts and been angry with people for no truly good reason. So I'm no better than them, no better than Hitler; all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. It's currently part of the human condition, and it's not one that I'll accept in myself; it's something I have to fight. I will not force others, because the choice has to be sincere. They/you can do as they/you deem fit; the job I am called to do is merely to love and serve.

TNP: What's your favourite food and why? (Some details as to how it came to be your favourite are welcome.)

((OOC: v eek I see. Guess I'll try that if I ever do end up married.))
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I love spicy meats. The hotness in your mouth makes kisses more enjoyable and passionate.

Have you ever cosplayed in public, outside of an event and contention?
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^ wow I never thought of it that way before.

No, sadly I have not. Though I have been thinking maybe I would cosplay as my avatar, next time
the gaia team rolls into town.

If you had ultimate control over the weather, what type of weather would you choose?
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Moonlight Girl

Somewhat. I've dressed up in Victorian style clothing inside a Victorian bedroom in a castle. I say that because in there was a rack with the costumes. My first costume was a Victorian style dress (I didn't suit it) and my other costume was a maid one, which I did suit, and enjoyed the most.

Also, I just want to note that no one else would do it, so I thought why not? Everyone stared at me as though I was crazy.


Honestly, eternal rain and I'm not just saying that because my avatar has an umbrella, so eternal rain purely because I actually really love rain. However, I think I'd want the rain to be quite light instead of heavy rain.

Do you have a favourite milkshake flavour and if so what is it?
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Lucky Star

Vanilla. Definitely vanilla. whee

Would you like to have kids?
If yes, how soon/late?
If no, why not?
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O.G. Noob

I wouldn't mind have a kids, I have no plans to have them any time soon though don't even have a girlfriend, and helping to look after my nephew is enough work enough but I wouldn't say no to the idea in the future.

What is your biggest regret?
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<OOC mode="on">
It must be noted that I haven't experienced a lot of things, so what I'm about to describe may feel trivial compared to other bigger regrets out there. But for now, here's mine.

In a single noun phrase: Junior College Economics. (Junior College, or JC for short, is a two-year course corresponding to the last two years of the American "High School", of the French « Lycée », and so on.)

I'll elaborate, of course (but in order not to stretch the page, it's all in spoiler tags).
My country operates on a meritocratic system, meaning that those who get the best grades get ahead (by getting the best chances of getting ahead); it's a rat race, paper chase, what have you (and I realise I'm starting to sound like a rapper). And so in such a rat race, the worst mistake one can make is to pick a subject combination that doesn't play to one's strengths, whether in whole or in part, because the competition is fierce (though I'm told it's even more so elsewhere, I wouldn't want to endure JC again).

Subjects are divided into two categories: Sciences (hard sciences come here) and Arts (a catch-all for humanities, social sciences and even sciences that... aren't the hard sciences). One can choose three main subjects and a "side" according to these rules: at least two of these must come from one of the categories, and the other(s) from the other category. So Maths/Physics/Chemistry with Economics on the side is legal (and is one of the most common combinations), as is English Literature/History/Maths with Chemistry on the side. (We have two other "side" subjects that are compulsory for everyone, so I won't mention them here.)

I knew myself to be linguistically inclined (and to not do well in Geography or History), so I initially wanted French/English Literature/Chinese Linguistics and Literature and a side of Maths. I was told that such a combination was too specialised (yeah right; look where I am now - I study linguistics), and the majority of sources that I consulted told me to "take Econs (as it is abbreviated in my country), go on, everyone will be at the same starting point, it'll be okay". My aunt, an Economics teacher, was the only voice of opposition: she alone felt I wasn't of the right type to take on the subject.

I followed the voice of the majority; my final combination ended up being French/English Literature/Economics with Maths on the side.

Cue - after a rosy start to Economics - two tumultuous years riddled with non-comprehension, aversion to the subject, falling out with my Econs teacher quite a few times, having to rope in my aunt to give me extra / remedial lessons (because I couldn't go for those organised by my school), and a huge struggle on everyone's part that rewarded us all (it was as much everyone else's effort as it was mine) with a C. In a system where the grades can make worlds of difference (or, at least, as I lived it then), that pulled me down (since I had better grades for the others), but I honestly don't think I could have gotten better for Econs.

This two-year regret-filled misadventure led to slightly more of the same. It's most likely what cost me the scholarship I ended up aiming for at the end of Junior College (though other factors come into play too).

Currently I'm overseas. With time, hindsight and distancing, I realise that it could all have been avoided, and that wondering what would have happened if I'd taken on something else instead of Econs isn't the most constructive of activities, so all that's left to do is to close the chapter and move on.

TNP: What do you treasure most, and why?
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Conservative Gaian

Though it should be plenty obvious why:
Life means I can look forward to all the other things I treasure daily.

When presented with a situation you have no idea how to handle, what do you do?
Two words.

Wing. It.

I know it's probably one of the stupidest things to do, and also will make me regret a lot of things later on, but then I kind of enjoy the thrill of doing things by the seat of my pants anyway.

Hm... What do you picture the inside of your own mind to be like?

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