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Sparkly Lunatic

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no, i haven't! i'm super shy!
i have never gone skydiving. have you?
I haven't.

I have never attended an IRL Gaia event, have you?
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Lucky Star

*nods* Twice.

I've never attended a prom, have you?
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Questionable Cat

Nope, I was too sick emo

I have never broken a toe, have you?
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Altruistic Phantom


I've never tripped UP the stairs, have you?
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Kindly Shapeshifter

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Yup. I'm pretty talented at being physically awkward.

I have never purchased a television, have you?
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Nope. Not planning on it anytime soon.

I have never dyed my hair blue. Have you?
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Lucky Star


        I've never climbed on top of a house, have you?
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Eloquent Friend

I have. One was helping out with maintenance. The second was for fun.

I have never scalded my skin with boiling water. Have you?
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Questionable Cat

Sadly, yes. That was not fun.

I have never liked mushrooms, have you?
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Tricky Rogue

Nope. Never. Not ever.

I have never been to a murder mystery party. Have you?
I haven't. Sounds incredibly amusing though.

I have never had a pet rabbit, have you?
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Hallowed Gaian

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I have not. I know someone who did though.

I have never broken a bone before, have you?
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Lucky Star


        I've never destroyed a tree with a vehicle
        (or the other way around), have you?
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Animal Bloodsucker

I have not.

I have never showed up drunk to work, have you?

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