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I have never been to an ocean, have you?
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Eloquent Friend

I have. Gotta be there when it's not tourist season.

I have never managed to finish a Twilight book. Have you?
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Smitten Mage

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Nope, but I'm pretty sure my younger sister has. >u>

I have never drank more than 5 cups of coffee in a day, have you?
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I definitely have! Ohh, but it feels awful!
I have never been to Peru! Have you?
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Smitten Kitten

No I have not, but I'd like to visit one day. 3nodding

I have never gone water skiing, have you?
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Questionable Prophet

No. :C

I have never licked a frozen lamp-post, have you?
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Questionable Cat

Then again, I'm from Florida and only experienced snow this past January.

I have never had a concussion, have you?
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Maybe a slight one, but nothing serious.

I have never been a cigarette smoker. Have you?
I have never been either.

I have never uploaded videos on Youtube or such, have you?
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I have never jumped from a building. Have you?
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i haven't.

i have never been camping. have you?
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I have. And I saw a bear by our camp emotion_donotwant

I've never spent over $1,000 on shoes, have you?
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Invisible Phantom

Nope. I've never spent more then about $80 on shoes, and those were winter boots, which are always more expensive. Other then that, probably about $40 is my max.

I have never worked a shift longer then 12 hours, have you?
Kind of. I worked both of my jobs back to back from like 5 in the morning to about 1 AM. Those were FUN times! sweatdrop

I have never been a vegetarian, have you?
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Playful Fatcat

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I have...tried to.

I have never sang karaoke, have you?

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