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Will the AAY fall for you!?

Of course! 0.28387096774194 28.4% [ 44 ]
Not really. ;__; 0.40645161290323 40.6% [ 63 ]
They will with my gold! 0.30967741935484 31.0% [ 48 ]
Total Votes:[ 155 ]
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Esoteric Anomalies's avatar

Dangerous Seeker

"Ten out of ten. I always get what I want." He stares pointedly.

vv Raiel slowly raises an eyebrow. "Ten out of ten huh?"
Desert Divination's avatar

Benevolent Prophet

"0 out of 10 if he comes at me with that attitude."

M'rinha looks at him with mild disinterest.

"Of course, I don't think it'd work out. I don't entirely trust him...or anyone. I'm not willing to let anyone close to my heart. Despite his...persistence, I think he may grow tired. I've been playing my hand of cards for far too long now for anyone to get past it."
Okami Tenrou's avatar

Learned Hunter

^^ "0/10! He says he always gets what he wants, but if he doesn't do what I want I'm going to leave him hanging atop a flag pole! I always get what I want... wait 10 is considered the larger number in this situation? But 0 is closer to emptiness, which is essentially infinity... fine I mean 10/10!"

^ "Ehh, I'll give it a two. I'm not her type, she isn't mine, we go our separate ways. Ad finem."

v. "Indeed. I'm surprised mortals put so much faith on a supposedly invisible figure... maybe I can use this to my advantage. Thank you for teaching me what starting a cult means."
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Benevolent Bloodsucker

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"I'd say 6/10. We had an amazing first date, so I'm thinking she might have the feels for me! 8D"

D r e a m o f B u t t e r f l y ~
Or is life a dream?
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Pixel by dark pillow
"10/10. He's clearly in love with me because he wants to mold me into a vase so he could put me on his desk to stare at. He's such a weirdo." rofl

V Isn't it the other way around? rofl
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Unbeatable Pusher

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  • Signature Look 250
10/10 because a) I'm awesome and b) he's in love with everybody.
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Big Member


I'm not a hot bishie guy like some guy above her.
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His work always comes first, but there is hope.
TillxGone's avatar

Dangerous Lover

      I am conflicted...I mean I don't think that I am the senpai she wants to notice her but I feel as though any senpai is a good senpai. Fracking 7/10.
Okami Tenrou's avatar

Learned Hunter

"8/10, unless she decides to friendzone me too. But you wouldn't do that to me now, would you?" heart
"It's almost amusing. 0/10"
- Mizu Mochi -'s avatar

Desirable Lunatic

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They don't seem interested in "Love."

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Witty Conversationalist

"Ah, I'd imagine pretty low. Perhaps a 2//1O."
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Man-Hungry Consumer

9,850 Points
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  • Invisibility 100
She doesn't have a say in it.
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