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"Goodnight, ladies and gentlemen" Then he whips his cape around in a circle and is gone.
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Ruthless Inquisitor

She folds her arms behind her back, cradling her staff horizontally as she bows in a sweet sort of curtsey, often accompanied by a polite, "Until we meet again," or "We'll speak again," before standing to leave.
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Truthful Humorist

In a night sky lit by a red moon, the old exorcist looks back to the desert warrior with a gaze of understanding and wisdom. Our time together was about to be no more, and no better word could have been spoken.

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After firing off several rounds into the sky, the warrior laughs maniacally and mutters something in a foreign tongue. Then he blushes, leaps on to his camel, and rides into the empty desert.
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A ballet about parting being such sweet sorrow
she says nothing. she curtsies politely and as you close your eyes to blink, she is gone when you open them.
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Truthful Humorist

"My my my... It seems the tables have turned oh desert warrior"

He then turns around next to the exit.

"Make sure you don't end up on the examining table next time. Otherwise you might not be so luck."

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He shoots his gun, aiming above your head so that the shot causes wall fragments to fall upon your hair.

"GET OUT!" he screams in anger, shutting off the safety and aiming again, this time at your head.

Scared, you run off in fright, slamming the door behind you.
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death will only be the beginning of your eternal pain, mortal, betond the grave there awaits a world of horrors that you could scarcely begin to ever imagine.
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Truthful Humorist

The captain turns his shoulder looking to desert warrior Bet.

"You've been a good comrade, but our time together is now done. Pray that we meet again in better circumstances. Maybe we can even have a cup of tea should you still live after this ordeal"

*walks off into the darkness*
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*Hops on broom*

"Don't worry, this won't be the last time we'll meet again. I'll always be watching from the sky."

*winks and suddenly shoots off into the dark sky*
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Truthful Humorist

*turns around and peeks past the door*
"Oh hey... thanks for the chocolate, but I gotta run!"
*runs away closing the door hard behind him*

                      "MOVE b***h, I'M ON A ********' BROOMSTICK."

                      /broomsticks off the premises, leaving sparkle trails

    "Hasta La Vista Baby"
    commonly. but it depends on to who. i don't think i'll hear madcap say any form of good bye to me D:
    more like a "stay here you little..." i didn't hear the rest because i escaped already far enough ;D
    well perhaps i even stayed ;> pshhht.
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    Truthful Humorist

    *Luze looks to the sky, and then looks back at king*

    "seems like our time is up Bunny Bet. I'll see you when you put some pants on."

    *flies off with plushie and wand in hand*

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