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Bloodthirsty Bunny

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A hug from Voldemort- a chance to stab him in the ribs! Snakey git wouldn't be expecting such a muggle attack!

WYR the Elder Wand or Resurrection Stone?
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Eloquent Enabler

The Resurrection Stone. Talking to dead people for advice? Yes pls.

WYR have a career brewing potions or taking care of dangerous creatures?
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Hardcore Bibliophile

A career brewing potions sounds fun!

WYR Arm wrestle Hagrid or go fist to cuffs with the whomping willow?
Wrestle Hagrid.

WYR own a phoenix like Fawkes or a dragon like Norbert?
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Own a phoenix smile

WYR be a prefect or a quidditch player?
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Prefect. I'm not the sporty type.

Get bullied on a regular basis by Draco or Dudley?
Depends on whether or not I can use magic. If I'm not allowed to use magic, I pick Draco. While he can use magic, he doesn't often resort to cursing other people. Instead, he usually just relies on cruel insults in order to make people miserable. Even the two thugs that always follow him around don't do much of anything throughout the book series. Dudley, on the other hand, likes to use his fists and brute strength against people weaker than him. Without any magic to defend myself with, I would be completely helpless against Dudley's physical strength. If I can use magic though, I pick Dudley. If he ever tries to pick on me, I can just place a nasty spell on him in order to scare him off. With Dudley easily frightened by magic, I expect I could live in peace without either Dudley bothering me or having to listen to Draco's constant taunts.

Attend a class with Professor Snape where he is being extremely cruel to all of his students or attend a class with Professor Binns on a day when he is being extremely boring.
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Eloquent Enabler

Snape. Can always take on a bully, not all that thrilled at the idea of being put thoroughly to sleep in class during the day. It'd throw my entire day off.

WYR Be a Gryffindor in love with a Slytherin with it obvious to everyone but yourself or a Slytherin secretly in love with a Gryffindor with them completely ignorant?
A Gryffindor in love with a Slytherin with everyone aware of it except me.

Would you go hunting for Cornish Pixies or visit Hogsmead for more than just the weekends for limitless fun?

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