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the wedding.

would you rather hang around with parvati and lavender or cho's gang?
Parvati and Lavender. I'd choose Cho's gang if Cho wasn't included.

Would you rather use a killing curse on Ron or Hermione?
i don't wanna kill either of them crying
but if i had to choose it would be crying crying i'm not tellin!

would you rather hang out with the trio or the marauders ( when they were young)?
Neither. but the mauraders were better...

would you rather kiss Fred Weasley or Draco Malfoy?
fred weasley mrgreen

would you rather eat bubotuber puss or make out with hagrid? rofl
User ImageBubotuber puss. xD

Would you rather work for the ministry of magic or hogwarts? ♥
Hogwarts. duh.

Would you rather: Become the Minister of Magic? Or a Famous Quidittch star?
A famous Quidditch star!!! biggrin biggrin

Would you rather fight a Hungarian Horntail or swim in the lake, where the Giant Squid lives?
lake but the dragon would be cool.

would you rather make out with dumbledore or mcgonagall?
angel_of_the_north30793's avatar

Thieving Millionaire

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neither but probably dumble dore even though he's gay

would you rather eat a giant grub or a flobberworm?
A Moonlight Affair's avatar

Dapper Dabbler

Guh, flobberworm I guess.

Would you rather spend a day with Umbridge at her worst or spend a day with Voldemort?
Voldemort. I CANNOT stand that woman!

Would you rather sit through a DADA class taught by Snape or by Umbridge?
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Feline Lover

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would you rather eat a vomit favored berny botts every flaver bean or ride a hippogriff
duh! ride a hippogriff!

would you rather be a potions teacher or a charms teacher?
Potions Teacher! like snape! heee heee! rofl

would you rather be a deatheater or Anamagus (sp)? sorrry, random whee

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