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Voldie's- Harry is too much of a git for me to want to marry.

Would you rather be Crucio'ed or Imperius'ed?
Have the Crucio spell casted upon me. It may be painful, but at least I am still in control of myself, and if given the point, I could fight back.

Would you rather Fly a broom or ride a Thestral?
Ride a broom.

Would you rather be in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff?
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be a Death eater or by in Order of the pheonix
Death Eater, protecting Harry would annoy me.

Girls: Would you rather share a room with Fleur or Luna?
Guys: Would you rather share a room with Cedric or Ron?
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Ron (I know that's a boy's choice, but I don't want to share with Luna or Fleur. XD)

I guess if I had to though, I'd share with Luna.

Would you rather take Ancient Runes or Arthimacy?
Ancient Runes!!!!! that would b awsome!!! xd

would u rather make lupin mad in his werewolf form or grey back?
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Wheezing Noob

Lupin. xD Maybe he would be better at controlling his Werewolf-ness than Greyback.

Would you rather have Holly and Phoenix wand, or Redwood and Unicorn Hair?
the holly and pheonix
would you rather have detetion in the forbidden forest or with snape?

Would you rather accept a gift from Luna's father or duel Viktor Krum because he believes you insulted him?
Accept a gift from Xeno.

Would you rather duel Voldemort or wrestle with Madame Maxime?
Duel Voldemort

Would you rather be tortured by Bellatrix or fight Greyback in his warewolf form (you cannot use a wand)?
Tortured by Bellatrix. confused

Would you rather be a Squib or a Muggle?
would you rather be caught sneaking out of school grounds or caught participating in the DA?
Sneaking out because that dosn't involve dealing with Umbridge.

Would you rather go to Bill and Fleur's wedding or Dumbledore's funeral?

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