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Ah very creative. Tonks has the appeal of being able to change her apperance at will but I'll take Luna who is more my age.

Would you rather be in Herbology with Professor Sprout or Professor Longbottom?
Professor Longbottom. I bet he changed the lessons quite a bit.

Would you rather meet Gary Oldman or Bonnie Wright?
Bonnie Wright

Would you rather run into the Carrows in Ravenclaw Tower or Bellatrix Lestrange in the Department of Mysteries?
carrows in ravenclaw tower
would u rather be one of the death eaters or... be in dumbledore's army?
Be in Dumbledore's Army.

Would you rather be forced to watch your least favorite Harry Potter movie or read your most favorite Harry Potter book?
Read my favorite Harry Potter book of course!!! xp

Would you rather suffer threw Malfoy and his croonies or Hermione's mindless babbling on the proper use for Pixie blood?
Malfoy. At least get some eyecandy.

Watch HP - SS/PS or read HP - SS/PS
I'd rather read.

Would you rather try to reason with centaurs or try to reason with goblins?
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Reason with Goblins. They don't have bows and arrows. XD

Would you rather meet Voldemort in your local grocery store, or would you rather meet Harry in your local grocery store?
I would rather meet harry?

Would you rather be in Griffin Door or Slitherin.
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I would rather meet harry?

Would you rather be in Griffin Door or Slitherin.

donĀ“t you meen Gryffindoor and Slytherin?

anyway.. I would want to go to Slytherin

Would you rather be friends with hermione or Luna xp

Would you rather marry Harry or Neville?
Harry, but I sill love Neville. He's so sweet. smile

Would you rather be an animagus or a metamorphmagus (SP?)?
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Original Receiver

A Metamorphmagus because you can change ur age which is cool, and I could find out what it would be like to be a boy =P LOL. Joking.

Would you rather get off with Snape or Lupin?

x x x

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