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1. someone asks a question using the format "would you rather ___ or ___?"
2. someone answers and, in return, posts another "would you rather" question.
3. all WYRs must be Harry Potter related!

Would you rather visit the Forbidden Forest or Malfoy Manor?
Malfoy Manor, hands down! Gotta love those Malfoys.

Would you rather see a thestral or fight a dragon?
See a thestral for certain - fighting a dragon would be physically taxing, while seeing a thestral simply means that I've been taxed emotionally in the past.

Would you rather have your hair color clash with your house color (a la Weasley red in Gryffindor scarlet) or dye your hair to subdue it a bit?
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Wheezing Noob

Hmm, I'd rather fly a dragon.

Dragons all the way. <3
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Wheezing Noob

Dye my hair. xD

Would you rather have Treacle Pudding or Hagrid's Rock Cakes?
Treacle because it's actually, um...good...>.>

Would you rather be assaulted by a horde of infiri or dementors?
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Wheezing Noob

Dementors. Then I would make a Patronus. :B

Girls: Would you rather date Harry or Ron?

Boys: Would you rather date Hermione or Luna?
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Sugar Coated Crayons

Girls: Would you rather date Harry or Ron?

Ron.Because........hes such a sweetie! 4laugh

Would you rather take the horcruxes or the hallows?
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Wheezing Noob

Hallows. I would want the elder wand and the Invisibility cloak. :B

Would you rather take potions with Snape, or Transfiguration with McGonagall?
Potions, because the theory actually seems like it would be more straightforward - Harry's just an idiot. xD

Would you rather have a sibling you were close to be in the same house, or a different one?
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Same house, although I doubt that would happen. I'd like to be able to see my sibling more and hang out in the common room with them.

Would you rather fail all your O.W.L.s, or get lost in the Forbidden Forest?
Get lost in the Forest & hope Hagrid rescues me

Would you rather play Quidditch or ride a dragon?
play Quidditch for sure.

would you rather have to endure class with Snape or class with Umbridge?
Class with Snape hands down. He's actually not that bad of a teacher.

Would you rather go to Beauxbatons Academy or Durmstrang Institute?
Snape, because Umbridge's class is so boring, but Snape's is usually interesting.

And I'd rather go to Beauxbatons, Madame Maxine is awesome.

Would you rather wear radish earrings or a (fake) giant lion on your head?

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