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Indebted Aggressor

Smart, opinionated, and sarcastic, with a deep appreciation for irony and black humour. A rather sharp temper.
Kind,fun to be around with,and a little bit hyper. whee
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Dapper Dabbler

Into anime, seems kinda hyper, likes to be around people
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Indebted Aggressor

A little edgy at times, and a bit intimidating because of it, but a friendly person once you get to know her. She has bold opinions, and always sticks to her guns.
Gamer, artist.
Funny, witty, and intelligent.
Pretty well-respected.
Has great taste in music, books, etc.

Hitchhiker's Guide, The Little Prince, and Hikaru no Go? omfg, I freaking love you
At very first glance, she seems to be a bit more on the super composed and uptight side, yet as soon as one strikes up a conversation those assumptions all come crashing down. Many find that she is rather down to earth and very pleasant to talk with.
In social situations, she can move amongst the 'cliques' with a relative ease, tending to get along with everyone just fine.
On a side note, she makes very good choices when picking literature. xD
She is a really intelegent person but once she is alone she is the type who likes to dance to music. 3nodding

She's the hyperactive girl who sticks out in the crowd.

She loves being very special.
Is also always surrounded by people.

V: I actually procrastinate a ton XD
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Tipsy Prophet

7,900 Points
  • Friendly 100
  • Super Tipsy 200
  • Millionaire 200

She appears to be sophisticated, neat, she knows what she believes in, she may like reading books, and not the type to put off work that's due?
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Devoted Carnivore

She likes being wacky and likes making people laugh and smile. She also loves it when people like her. Buuut she doesn't necessarily need to be liked, even though the craving is there. More intelligent than she acts sometimes xd
Much like an owl she is very quiet but very alert. She's very sophisticated but also aloof and stays in the back of the room watching everyone else.
She loves reading fantasy books and stuff. And a daydreamer.
Gracious, otherworldly and mystical.
she is a murderer with a lot of skill and class. she knows what she is doing and is very calm in doing it... but deep inside she is crazy, probably from a childhood unresolved problem...
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Distinct Genius

Very passionate in everything she does, and kinda hot tempered.
I'm thinking also into gardening.

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