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^^ Loud and social, at least around your friends.
Dirty-minded but funny.
Friendly but honest.

^ Being judgmental is kind of the point of the game. :/

A little thin-skinned. Opinionated.
A bit of an anime geek, but not that in-your-face about it. :3
I'm willing to admit when someone's got me pegged, and she does.

^A self-proclaimed nerd, many of us on Gaia are nerds so you are in good company. Your pretty cute for a nerdy girl though. I think she's got a good sense of humor.
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Shy Pie-Maker

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very opinionated, social, and crazy -in a good way-User Image
Possibly a little socially awkward at times?
Probably like bright colors in real life.
A little kooky, a little weird, but 100% humorous. Likes bright colors and tries to enjoy life to its maximum. Probably a little nerdy too. xD
I see a tom boyish girl who is rather quiet but takes her schooling and work very seriously. Is into dressing up nice and looking nicely presented into the quiet things and maybe be reserved
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Indebted Aggressor

In a single word, I would say chillin'. You seem like a really laid-back, open-minded, and creative person. Going off my intuition, I would say you don't really worry too much about what other people think, and just do your own thing.
He is one with a very complex mind, a deep thinker of sorts. This can make him seem a bit stand-offish to newcomers, despite the fact that he always means well. he seems to always have a strong opinion on almost every issue, and he often enjoys listening to clashing view points and debating the said topic.
Mind aside, he is fiercely loyal to his friends, and often considered one of the 'defenders' within his circle.
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Dapper Capitalist

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Coming soon~

I would think she's pretty reserved to at least new people. Light conversation, a bit uptight about what she talks about (personal references and other such things) but over-all enjoyable. Not awkward at all~
She looks like the type to be all innocent looking, but isnt innocent. And from her pro it looks like she likes anime. She seems like a good person.
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  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Signature Look 250
Smart, educated girl. She is a bit shy? But has a wonderful hidden personality only to her true friends!
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Indebted Aggressor

Very friendly and artsy. Midly outgoing with a very close-knit group of friends. Very expressive about her emotions.
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Dapper Dabbler

You seem like someone who is easy to talk to, and likes to make jokes.
Maybe into video games. The shooting kind.
Her avi looks patriotic. But I think she is loud, fun, random. And has a lot of friends.
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Shy Pie-Maker

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Sweet, caring, educated and optimistic. They probably like to hang out and spend time with friends and familyUser Image
She's a kooky blonde who loves coffee, Batman, and believes in Harvey Dent.

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