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I think this person is very sincere, maybe slightly emotional, and is fond of recalling good memories from their past. I also think this person may be a bit of an escapist.
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Fashionable Genius

Akako thinks that despite being in trend with her peers, she is an old soul.
She enjoys her morning news show with her cup of tea as much as her late night RPG sessions with friends.
Her political consciousness is a product of the society in which she grew up in.
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Shy Healer

(I can only think of her as being a softie, and while I think it, I doubt that she's emotionally sensitive like I am.)
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Shadowy Noob

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She seems girly, cheerful and happy. The cute, happy-go-lucky type. Seems fun to be around. :3
V Whoa, you got that spot-on! *standing ovation* ( o u o )
And is 18 a young age?
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Winged Gatekeeper

Something tells me that kurokage31 is still young -- or at least around that age where most individuals are beginning to go through their "rebellious" stages, a much large range to choose from.
She has her select group of friends that she would not give up the anything for, but right now, a lot of fictional characters seem like much better people to her than most in real life. She would, however, sooner leave the human world for another setting in a movie she enjoys or even what she may come up with in her head. She may consider herself a misanthrope and judge others more than she claims -- but it doesn't necessarily leave her mind or her mouth. They are thoughts she keeps to herself as she tries to better herself as a person.
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Dulcet Man-Lover

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Mature, serious, and calm. That's what I can put into words, but there's something else beyond my capabilities to describe.
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Dangerous Regular

Judging from your profile style and your musings about your personality traits, I picked you as fairly young until I read that you are out of high school. You appear to spend a lot of time on self reflection and seem to be a friendly and outgoing person. You are very passionate about your interests and hobbies.

(To poster below: I haven't updated my profile in ages.)
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Seems like to be an adult male IRL. Also might have a good sense of humor.
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Mega Hunter

Seems like they'd be the kind of person to have a short fuse for loud or rowdy shenanigans. Cuttingly intelligent, dry sense of humor, but can be a little joyless at times too. Definite ideas of what they do and don't like.
You seem like a person who leans into the darker side of things, but that isn't like "Oh, it's pointless everyone give up." You're more like looking into the dark side in order to change it. Like to improve other people's lives or something? I don't know. All I know is that you never seemed like your world has you buried in kittens and puppies. You also seem like you're a pretty serious person. Either that or you have a particular sense of humor that I haven't picked up on.
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Lucky Star

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        I think you are reserved, fond of nature, and appreciate the little things in life.
        I see you as a bit of a realist~ 3nodding

        v *glompnuzzle* heart
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Unsealed Junior

Indeed, she is reserved, shy, and introverted. But she seems like the person I'd get along with just fine because she's an awesome possum.

And a peach. She's a living peach. C:
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Devoted Darling

A nonconformist, prone to risk taking every now and then... Loves coffee and an occasional soda. Munches chips and peanuts while watching tv.
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Magical Girl

Intelligent, very open to people. Likes everything cute, but likes dark colors too. Dedicated to their schoolwork and very understanding of others needs/considerate.

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