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Holy shiet I'm not sure... of course he/she is not a demon, that's clear. I guess is somebody that loves to confuse people like is doing here in gaia, nobody knows which gender is User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Magnetic Datemate

Probably someone who has a cold personality.
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Friendly Friend

For whatever reason, I picture a snappy dresser with wise little spectacles and good taste in shoes. Quiet, but quite sweet.
^^Keeps things simple and straight to the point. Likes to be facetious.

Likes to cut in lines. JK. Likes novelty things, especially the questionable stuff like candy cigarettes. I imagine you like to go on random hunts for information like you'd see an actor's name and just be like "You know, I don't know much about that guy. Let me google him and spend a couple hours learning some things just to pass the time." And you'd go on youtube and watch a few interviews about something or documentaries. Then you'd switch to something unrelated to whatever you were learning about before. I imagine you keep some kind of planner with you but you don't actually use it very much. Uh. Yeah.
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Newbie Noob

While I know almost literally nothing about you, I think that you're probably a creative and resourceful person, since a lot of the avis I've seen you make are very original and innovative. I also tend to find a lot of your posts to be clever and humorous, and I believe that is something that would apply to you in the real world. 3nodding
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Eloquent Friend

I would say he has an eccentric sense of humor. Though is very creative and verbose in writings, perhaps he's more of the quiet type in groups. But if he's playing a video game or a board game with friends, he is (in)famous for being the loudest one there, but still, the peoples love him.
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Tipsy Gekko

I'd say that you're a person that adores fantasy of all kinds, and possibly, have an intensely soft spot for the arts - particularly reading. Probably a very talkative person that uses plenty of multi-syllable/obscure words. You strike me as the kind of guy who'd volunteer willingly at a charity event in secondary school because you really did want to do something good, and not for the additional one-liner in the testimonial.
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Well, you seem like a chill person. Not easy to anger. For some reason you seem like a patient and kind person. Also, I'm 80% sure you're a guy irl.
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Familiar Fatcat

Loud, opinionated, and unapologetic. Likes to have fun, doesn't give two ******** consequences or otherwise.
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Tenacious Survivor

I figure they like sweet foods and are a little introverted. Has a deep appreciation for the internet. Also quite creative.
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Very fashionable and charming. Has a way with words but tends to keep quiet.
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She might be a humorous and quirky person.
I think he's the "nerd" in his class. (Don't take that the wrong way, nerds are great!) He likely has a kind and agreeable personality, but he is wary of others because of some bad experiences in the past.
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She has a strong interest in history and at least some anime. She prefers to focus on the global picture.
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Truthful Lover

She's probably really nice and sweet. She's a really good friend; very loyal. She's not into gossiping. She's very thoughtful and always remembers all of her friends' birthdays.

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