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Holy sugar rush, Batman!
I'm guessing you like pink/cute/fluffy things. Also guessing that you're a very sweet/friendly person in real life. I'm going to take a guess and say that you probably have no interest in darker stuff (movies and music and the like) and you probably like domestic things and maybe shopping or crafting.
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One of those simple yet complex people, if that makes sense. The kind who's putting other's needs ahead of his own. Always thinking of better plans, careful with his words and actions, direct, frank, and open.
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Tipsy Gekko

Possibly a person whose time is too precious to be dicking about dressing up an online avatar. Prefers simplicity, and enjoys opposing juxtapositions. A practical, if pessimistic person.
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Ruthless Husband

Perhaps he is someone who is socially active and broad minded.
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Magnetic Receiver

chill guy always good for a joke, keeps his drama on a tight leash and whips it into shape. has a calming effect on people.

v You read me like a book, Snarky. ^///^ (<-- is that even a face?) Your perceptive abilities wow me again.
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I have a feeling that Secret Angel 3 always strives to do her best or be the best kind of person that she can. She has a positive outlook on life most of the time, and she is constantly trying to find new ways to improve herself and things around her. Consequently, this makes her a little bit naive, but her optimism and ability to overlook flawed first impressions makes her easily likable and easy to get along with. Even though her personality is charming, she may sometimes have difficulties getting to know new people, especially if she feels that they may not like her. She is more likely to open up once she feels accepted by her new peers and quickly becomes a member of any family that can do this.

I also have a hunch that she may be the kind of person who can be read like a book at some points, even if she tries to hide her emotions.
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I feel like TD&S would be a very conscientious, analytical and intelligent friend..... if you're his friend, and if you earn his respect. He treats people fairly but maintains his distance from people who have not proven themselves.

INTJ, maybe?

- - - -- ---
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Janish seems like the quiet type -- cautious, cryptic, but not necessarily shy so much as reserved if that makes any sense. I've also always seen her as quite intelligent and able to articulate well. Probably someone who has a wide scope of knowledge, and can hold her own in conversations even if its an abstract concept. I think she's someone who has a good sense of people - and is always willing to give out advice to those who seek her help.
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Based on their profile and avatar I think hummingbird is a calm and collected individual. They enjoy the company of others and enjoy roleplaying.
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Based on her profile, I personally think she's quite a person with a cold personality. One who doesn't really talk and a person who's pretty distant.
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Seems like a friendly person who's not afraid to tell it like it is, meaning she can be pretty blunt if you ask her opinion on something. Calm and cool on the outside, enthusiasm bursting on the inside, which she expresses more often online.


I just suck at reading people..most likely this.
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Someone very interested in expressing themselves, I think. Artistic, maybe. I get the feeling this person doesn't particularly care if they stand out or blend in, as long as they're doing what they feel like doing, wearing what they want to wear, etc. Probably has a group of close friends, but very few casual acquaintances.

I bet they like to cook.
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Ruthless Husband

Perhaps someone who's lonely but who is really outgoing once you get to know them. (I might be wrong though)

V eek you're almost spot on.
Dan you are a shy fella.
Maybe awkward beyond that screen of yours but you warm up pretty quickly.
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Familiar Fatcat

You're like your avi. You have a preference for simple, straight-forward things, you look cute but you're hella uncute inside with a taste for violence and blood. You're very thoughtful and quiet, an observer but speaks when you feel the need to. Likes to stay out of trouble and look like a meek unassuming girl while inside i am plottin ur murder u little apple pie

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