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Looks dark and mysterious but has a sweet animal loving side.
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Indulgent Accumulator

An impulsive person that lives in the moment. Outspoken and easygoing, and maybe a little selfish. Probably enjoys action movies.
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Timid Gawker

Probably one of those hardcore dudes who you don't suspect is awesome until he busts out the most astounding feats in the world. Probably a pretty decent dresser too. Don't know why I think that. sweatdrop

v Wait...What? I don't know what you mean in the little parenthesis. How young is too young for "Meh mister"? sweatdrop I'm sorry...I'm not too astute today. xp
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Diligent Pup

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I'm not sure. He might be pretty young. (too young for meh mister)

Uhm. Probably dresses alright. Plays videogames... reads some comics.... I don't know a regular human?

^ LOL XD well I'm 20 almost 21 and you are probably around 16-18
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Greedy Gekko

Like waffles. This I am sure of.

Also, has rad taste. *points at avi*
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Hygienic Lunatic

He's a master at "random" humour and talks a lot. Possibly he wears a lot of black clothing.
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  • Timid 100

          seems like a chill kind of guy, not one to strike
          me as very interesting at first glance I guess.
          I'd think he was interested in games and comics
          though, which would make him cool for convo's.

He's reserved and probably has a close circle of a few good friends. I imagine he likes grungy things. ಥಥ

Sarcastic, probably fashion-forward and interested in design or something, in touch with herself and how much she hates things despite not really wanting to do anything to keep herself away from those things. Probably has a dark and dry sense of humor.
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Bashful Explorer

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You seem interesting, and I also think that you're very exciting... ^-^
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Hallowed Prophet

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Il y avait l'exemple de ma vie;
Alors que je me trouvais dans l'obscurité ci-dessous,

...Qui était tout...

Modest and a little meek
but face a little bit more outgoing demenor
when with family.
Probably thoughtful, quiet
but friendly at heart, even when anxiety strikes.

...et qui n'était rien...

d'autres sont montés à recevoir le baiser et la gloire!
Il est bien fait. Et sur le bord de ma tombe, j'approuve
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High-functioning Lunatic

A deep individual with a kickin' sense of fashion.
Seriously, my avatars never come out that cool!
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Eloquent Friend

I think La Cantarella is a hard-working student, which would explain her many hiatuses. She knows where her priorities are: duty first, and entertainment second. But when she does go for entertainment, she doesn't enjoy crowds or major events, but instead more low-key things. Perhaps a board or card game possibly an online game with a few friends but not an MMO game. Single-players are her thing, and likely inspire her creative writings, and I"m sure she's getting progressively annoyed at the growing trend of always-on DRM single-players.
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Bashful Bunny

11,750 Points
  • Generous 100
  • Friendly 100
  • Little Bunny Foo Foo 100
-----& Twisted Lock In Gears <-----

Enjoys nature and quotes. Probably very kind and easy going ~ whee

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Prodigal Pants

Likes fiction and would rather sit down with a few good friends and some cool anime than go out to a loud party
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Familiar Fatcat

Someone who is cheerful, likes to have fun, outgoing and loyal to her friends.

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