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I presumed her to be someone who enjoys watching anime and is into cute things. You know, like girls enjoy cute things. She likes cats, foxes, cute animals. However, she also seemed to harbor a very mischievous side to counter her harmless outer appearance. I think she is in middle school, or maybe the early high school years. She is...probably of French origin, or has French blood in her. A very straightforward evaluation.

After looking at her profile, I see...she is still an anime lover. Yeap. Okay. I could say a lot more, such as her claiming to be "somewhat nerdy"...and such. But yeah. I feel comfortable with my initial analysis. Oh- and she's into yaoi. sweatdrop

VI loled. You are...somewhat correct. O_o
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Hmm~
Not the type of guy who is attempting to follow the norm.
hmm~ Interested in the darker sides of things, could he possibly be a bit sadistic ? ;
No offense intended at all, but he could have some problems and expressing it through the art ..
Knows how to keep himself busy.

Ahh, I think I'm bad at this DX ;

And don't lol before I post ..? D: ;
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Well, you treasure small and cute things, but that seems like it would be obvious xd I also get a feeling that your self-esteem is very shaky and dependant on what others think of you. There's lots of bits about yourself that you don't like, so you try to cover them up with cuteness and cheerfulness and friendliness, kind of like throwing sequins into people's eyes.

But don't worry, you are sweet and cute. Don't worry too much about anything you might not like about yourself wink
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She seems like a fun girl who likes nothing better than to hang out and joke around with her friends. And for some reason I get the vibe that she's a regular at her local coffee shop and the bookstore.

She likes anime and watches Hetalia :3 (idiot hair FTW)

A rather peculiar girl who is extroverted and loves being around people.
She seems to like to be creative and and is an overall likable person.
a dreamer who isn't creeped out easily. Probably zones out a lot but is genuine most of the time. Likable.
A boy of simple pleasures who spent a good amount of time outside when he was younger.
He seems to be quiet, yet many find that he is rather outgoing after he warms up to people. It takes a bit of time for him to fully trust someone, but once he does, you'll have a friend for life.
He isn't exactly a leader, but not exactly a follower. He just goes with the flow of things.
Overall, very likable.
Simple, shy resrved.

If I had met the AAM, I would probably try to talk to them and they would just nod or say yeah once in a while.
^^Looks like she likes Disgaea, we would probably get along.

^She's kinda weird, we would probably get along too.
If you judge people on how much they look like they would play disgaea. I love disgaea, and I don't think we'd get along. You seem obsessive.
^^ Loud and social, at least around your friends.
Dirty-minded but funny.
Friendly but honest.

^ Being judgmental is kind of the point of the game. :/

A little thin-skinned. Opinionated.
A bit of an anime geek, but not that in-your-face about it. :3
^^Fun to tease
You seem like a socialite who doesn't like being alone.

A bit of a loud-mouth at times even.
I think they are a complete nerd.
So am I! 3nodding

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