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Super Cutie-Pie

Awesome <3 A little quiet and shy, but very opinionated. Once you get to know her she has a lot to say, but she's... a little insecure in saying them if they're not her favourite topic? I'm pretty sure I'm covering a bit of a broad spectrum, but I still love 'er. She's a great friend who I just want to hug, and if I could mail a hug, I swear I would, because there's no way I'm gonna' be able to travel to meet her ever which sucks </3

v - I'm Canadian, lovey~ ^__^ and I won't brag about my brain but when compared to the vox populi I like to think I'm a little more knowledgeable.
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High-functioning Lunatic

It appears that AAY is of an intellectual sort, is not from my country by the way he/she spells certain words... I'm thinking either British or maybe Canadian. Could be wrong. Also seems to be into the more erotic Anne Rice type of vampirism because let's face it... Allera is a sexy beast.
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Magical Bunny


          reserved & tends to be on the shy side -- very attentive to her surroundings, a keen observer, & admires simplicity.
          someone who's open to new things & doesn't mind making new friends -- but very cautious when doing so.
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Mega Hunter

A little shy, but happy-go-lucky when in a comfortable environment. Perfectly intelligent but has trouble getting the people around her to take her seriously sometimes. Tends to bounce between between confidence and self-consciousness at times.
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Ruthless Conversationalist

This is totally conjecture, seeing as I haven't had the pleasure of meeting her before, but I imagine she's a person that strongly values truth and honesty. She also seems as if she'd be the understanding type; not too quick to condemn someone over one thing they've said or done.

(With these, I feel it's best to commit to an answer, rather than be vague. It's more fun to be extremely wrong than slightly off, I think. What I'm trying to say is that it's likely my answer will be stilted and perhaps a bit strong one way or another; I hope no offense is caused)

Based on your profile, you like to portray yourself as intense and diverse. I don't doubt this. I also get the sense that you'd be selfish; not out of narcissism or inflated self-importance, but simply from a lack of others to care about. Despite the somewhat proudly-stated comment of doubting you'd live to get old, I imagine you probably fear death quite a bit.

Again, pure imaginative conjecture.
Well, something tells me that you're the kind of person who wishes to offend as small of an amount of people as possible, and if we lived in a perfect world you'd wish to offend nobody at all. You seem nice and stuff, and I imagine that you're very helpful when people ask for your advice, but you don't go around flinging your opinion on someone who doesn't ask (or imply that they would like one, in which case you might accidentally throw in your two cents when the person might not have wanted it.)
You seem like a happy person, 'cause holy crap is yellow one heck of a happy color. Then again I don't know if your profile is yellow because you like yellow or if it's gold because your name is goldfinch.
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Well, the avi tells me that she likes red and she likes demonic stuff like that. Wouldn't surprise me if she liked the Day of the Dead lol
But, the 'Mega Sweetheart' tells me a complete different story xD
I think she likes irony? Not saying she's not a sweetheart cuz I don't know her lol
Her signature tells me the same her avi does: Death and all that can be put in art very awesomely.
Maybe she likes scary movies? Or books? Blood? Idk lol but she seems nice biggrin

v That was... surprisingly accurate .-. *slow clap* lol
OMG IKR?! The girl they picked for Rose isn't that bad though. I hope she doesn't screw it up >.>
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Ruthless Hellraiser

                      she's eclectic and driven by her interests. she's really talkative once you get to know her, but it's easier to talk to people on the internet because she doesn't really care if she impresses anyone or not. she's pretty girly and she's okay with that and she wouldn't change her interests for anyone. not the center of attention, but encourages group excitement when with her friends.
                      sn: if the vampire academy movie isn't perfect i'll kill somebody, but i'm feeling your excitement.
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Brainy Mage

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She is one of those who could be part of the popular ones. Don't think she is, her looks make her appear a bit distant and arrogant. She won't interfere when the others are arguing, unless it becomes unfair. Also has a strong opinion on political and social issues but only talk about it when it really matters or there's a discussion.

v but... I'm a he... gonk you're into Pokemon?
"How dare you make corrections... razz "
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Lonely Nerd

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He is a long time die-hard Harry Potter fan who has Snape as her favorite character. The series of books played major roles in his life and inspired him to create her own stories. For example, he could have learned some new vocabulary and some Latin words.

(I am like this when it comes to Pokemon. cat_wink )


^ My bad. I will fix that now.

I have been into Pokemon for 12 years and it has made my life better in the same fashion as mentioned above. I learned new words, became more logical, learned about real world cultures, and then I was inspired to write my own stories.
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Shaggy Rogue

He strikes me as eclectic, easygoing and open-minded. Child-like at heart. Probably a Jack-of-all-trades, but master of none. And his fashion sense is simple, sometimes leaning towards cosplay.
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Dapper Genius

It's a little hard to get much from posts in WG threads (though you can glean a bit from what kind of threads someone posts in) but I'd think that, based on your profile and preferences, you are that imaginative, artistic person with a good sense of humor and a quiet confidence that comes with some sense of style.

I imagine you to be quite the antithesis of the moody artist--I feel you are of the easygoing sort, as you enjoy Running Man (I haven't watched it, but it looks like lighthearted fun) and the background music reinforces this. At the same time, I think that apart from you being a lit and history student (kudos to you for going for that), your musical preferences scream artist. (Many of my friends are writers, and they listen to similar bands as you do.)
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Winged Gatekeeper

I wanted to say a very serious and responsibility-oriented person, but then I saw that link in his signature. My guess is that he's still responsible, but he's not so uptight on the technical side of life as some others are. I gather that he has a good sense of humour and can actually be quite silly and fun-loving when work doesn't call for him. Maybe he's a little bit on the prude side when you first see him because of his straight-fowardness, but under that, he's quite caring.
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Salty Prophet

    He's hard to get to know at first since he keeps people he's just met at two arms' distance, but once you actually nudge into his bubble, you find out that he's really just a dorky mess. He's incredibly patient and tolerant and will give you the skin off his back if he's really feeling up to it at times. Though these are good aspects, he also has his negative times. He will not sugarcoat anything he tells you, but he knows it's for your own good.

    He's also a huge fan of cutesy music, adorable plushies, and pillow doofing. Don't let his looks fool you.
He has to be a gamer for sure, personality wise he seems as though he can come off as intimidating, but is actually pretty kind hearted, at least it seems that way from someone I'm rather close with who has a positive opinion about him.
He has a different kind of humor that a lot of people don't see to get, but that's not to say he's respectful and well mannered. He has to be a gent.

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