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He's the guy that will do stupid things in the name of justice. Sometimes people agree that what he does is the right thing but most of the time they're just all like *smh*
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Ruthless Husband

Lets see, She loves drawings, listening to music and cats. And judging by her signature, she is maybe a star wars fan. But I'm not sure if he said that quote though lol

V Sometimes I wish I have precognition for matter like this. sorry.
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Shy Lunatic

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^^ I've always imagined you as being a cool kind of nerd. Not a socially-awkward one (at least, not debilitatingly), you still have a lot of friends who admire you for your individuality and creativity. I also can't help but imagine that you look like one of my friends, for some reason. D:

^ I SEE YOU AS SOMEONE WHO CUTS IN LINE I imagine that you have a good sense of humor but are often unappreciated by your peers. You are intelligent and get good grades and teachers love you.
That Drunk Foreigner is a chill kinna guy. I imagine in real life, he don't give a ******** what people think he looks like, he wear what he wants. Hella smart and has tons of interesting stories. Has a huge heart, humble, low-key, modest. Down to earth I think. sweatdrop
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Obsessive Sweetheart

Well I'm not really sure, I kinda feel that you might be shy only to fool people! You seem like you're a chill person and all. And you might be innocent looking, but not afraid to stand up for yourself! You, my friend, rule! emotion_dowant
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Familiar Fatcat

I think she's probably really cute, and bubbly, and is very upfront about most things but also has her quiet times. I just picture her usually getting excited about things to do. And maybe jokes a lot.
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Malevolent Fairy

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Creative, bookish, and a bit of a loner. Doesn't compromise their personality to fit in with the dictates of the "norm".
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Mega Hunter

Big reader, very refined tastes. Feels a bit more intellectual as compared to those around her in day-to-day activities, like some coworkers or classmates. Usually likes her space, but is in no way a snob. Very patient.

V Actually pretty close.
My first impression tells me that he's a quiet and reserved person, who is actually very knowledgeable in several different fields.
Though his exterior may come across as cold and distant he actually seems to e a very good person.
But most people will never know that due to the fact he seems to be the type who won't open up until he can trust you and knows you.
But this is all by speculation, I may be completely wrong!
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reverti's Husband

Winged Gatekeeper

She's extremely caring of her loved ones, and would do her best to support them and keep them happy, even if it means a little hit to herself; however, she's also aware of her own needs, and she wouldn't take any bullshit from another person unless they have a damn good reason for treating her that way. She may disagree with some things, but unless that issue is a true strike against what's wrong and right or some other very serious issue, she won't always voice her opinion. If it means keeping the peace.

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Hardened Husband

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User ImageHunt those that would destroy the world...

Squeaky and quiet until you know him and then he bounces off the fuggin walls.

...destroy the beasts before they destroy us all.
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Eloquent Friend

He has mentioned that in person he is not as sociable. I think perhaps not as much as he wishes. Given how he acts here, I think he is really more than happy to get along with groups of people in person too. Perhaps he's shy, and hard to break out of his shell. But when he does: He has a lot to offer, a lot of wisdom and humor to share with a great deal of people. He's nicer than the persona he plays. I bet he is in fact very sympathetic, caring, and kind toward others' needs. Be strong, m'friend, and have no fear. 3nodding
Chill, outgoing, and friendly; though philosophical/contemplative when left by himself for prolonged periods of time.
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Dangerous Explorer

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I think...something similar to FPSRussia...
He seems like the kind of person whom others would describe as "quirky." I'll bet he has a hobby one wouldn't expect him to have, and he probably keeps quiet about it for the most part. He is probably into militaria.

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