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Shirtless Codger

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I bet he's extremely friendly. Probably tries to keep an open mind about others and different ideas, but keeps to practicality. Very knowledgable on a variety of topics and possibly has several talents that he's to shy to brag about. Actually, he's probably rather shy at first! Until you become his friend, he just sits there and looks happy. When you begin to talk with him, the conversation could last for hours.
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Shaggy Rogue

Artistically inclined. Open hearted and open-minded from clues I've gathered from her profile. She seems amicable and approachable, unafraid to share knowledge and things about herself down to the "randomest" of details although she may find it challenging to fully express herself through language. Generally optimistic and kind.
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Lonely Nerd

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She's probably a really tough and masculine chick that knows how to defend herself with some fighting moves.
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Moonlight Girl

I imagine Mathew being very much into writing, history, but most importantly I could see him being the type who enjoys a visit to the library.
I see her as being very imaginative and dreamy. She's the type of person with only a few close friends, but those people are very lucky because she is worth it.

v I'm actually super outgoing, but the won't shut up part is sadly true =P
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Fanatical Flip-Flopper

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        Maybe Neshyra is the quiet type who likes to stay to herself most of the time.
        She comes off as being shy but once you get to know her, she won't shut up.
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Quirky and delightful, it's never a dull moment with Skuzzie around. She's also a really good friend and has a great sense of humour.
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Dangerous Shapeshifter

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Fascinating! Refined. Judging by the close attention to detail in the avatar, and the nice color complements, I'm going to say you dress well- articulate, and what not. All in all, someone I'd probably like.

v I am brunette! And I do like horror movies! I have a soft-spot for faceless monsters, especially. It's something about having no eyes...

And yeah, not to be like vain or brag or whatever I'm doing, but totes have plenty of awesome, close friends, but at the same time, you're right- I don't really get along well with the "mainstream."

OMG I feel like a hipster, or some s**t...
I believe this one is a brunette. Not part of the "popular crowd". This does not imply friendlessness, there are a good amount of friends.

v ~ you are on target with most of those things 3nodding
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Ruthless Husband

He/she probably loves horror movies and doesn't mind the gore.

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Demonic Nymph

                      she's nice to people she likes, but i'd think she wouldn't stray too far from her crowd. the kind of kid who raises her hand for the teacher to call on her and stuff when it comes to matters of artsy or opinion stuff. scoffs when she hears someone say something completely against what she believes in. expresses herself through her writing and all that. swoosh

                      he likes stuff like anime and manga and s**t and he might be a part of an anime club or something but he doesn't really care what other people think of him because of it. plays video games and likes giant robots. he sticks to himself a lot, doesn't say much, but he's observant enough. laughs at idiots.

                      v obby i'll be the jay to your lunchbox 5eva :U <3
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Dangerous Lover

I believe is a strong independent woman who knows how to have a good time. Obviously, I know that she has an impeccable sense of style. She is probably sassy but knows when to be polite. Once you become her friend, she is loyal to you and will love you unconditionally. If anyone were to mess with one of her friends, she would defend and fight back but also comfort. She is a chill person too~ c;

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I think she is spontaneous with a great sense of humor. She seems like the kind of person who doesn't let a lot of things get to her. I think she is also fashion-forward and likes to add quirky accessories to her outfits. One more thing, she seems like a warm person who has no trouble making and keeping friends.
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Eloquent Friend

I imagine she is actually very smart, and knowledgeable in a lot of different cultures. It's quiet in large groups, but with a smaller group settings she's a chatterbox when the right topic comes up.
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Tipsy Lunatic

a dude who always got your back, but isnt afraid to tell you what you're doing is hella ******** up or stupid. but that's why he got your back, cuz he care for you like that.

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