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Shaggy Rogue

Probably on the outside you'll appear to others a serene introvert who seeks solace in writing and dwells in the enigma of humanity. But, on the inside you're brimming with life and creativity that you want to show to the world. Just my conjecture.

v I'm a female sweatdrop But relatively true!
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Unsealed Spirit

Lev Blue is someone who is always on the go! He always somewhere to be whether it be with friends or others. Maybe a daredevil?


v Spot on. o 3o
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      aah, you seem like an easy-going person with a sense of humor! (maybe sometimes self-deprecating?) hmm.. from your avatar im guessing you have an appreciation for the dark and badass but also you like to mix it up and show your love for cute things? you look fun to be around! ;w;

      ^ aww yee B)

      v probably right, although its up for others about the 'interesting' part!
      i am very easily amused ehehe! ;w;
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Ruthless Ally

Let see... He is probably easily amused and is quite talkative and interesting if you know him for quite awhile.
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Sparkly Lunatic

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outgoing, friendly. loves to make others smile smile
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Dangerous Lover

I bet you are an amazing chick to be friends with. Loyal and kind and out to make your friends smile. e ue Bet your are free spirited and just don't give much of a damn of what people think.
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Girl-Crazy Bloodsucker

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I can see you being sassy, taking no s**t and being hilarious but that's just me. But you can also be so sweet from what I've seen of you and when I talk to you, so you're just a little bundle of cool-ness IRL, I think! And maybe a tinge shy?

v Oh gosh. ): <'3
Unique. Not everybody gets her, but the ones that do are very blessed, because she's definitely worth it.

v You are SO sweet!! That made my day =3
Where should I start.
Well from the picture from her profile she's absolutely gorgeous,
He avi pretty much sums up her fun loving and happy demeanor.
She also has a good head on her shoulders with good morals and a good heart.

She can be very silly but also a sweet heart.
malkerine 's avatar

Tipsy Gekko

Enjoys gaming, definitely.
Possibly has interest in fashion, particularly Japanese fashion. Delights in putting a personal touch on everything she owns.
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Winged Gatekeeper

Methinks he's a rather adventurous individual who isn't afraid to try new things/foods/activities and visit new places. Probably jumps into different experiences whole-heartedly and doesn't make any judgements until he's personally gone through it himself. Many people probably see him as a strong role model that isn't the kind to boast about his achievements; modest. But also with a definite sense of humour. I assume a very easy person to get along with as long as you're not trying to push his (or his friends') buttons on purpose.
They do not enjoy sudden change and actively seek out stimulating experiences to avoid an ordinary life. They are intelligent, capable, and have people they greatly value to whom they are a loyal and caring friend. They get easily carried away with an overactive imagination which sometimes gets them into trouble, but makes up for in its own surprising capabilities. They also make their best effort to be open minded, tolerant, and logical based on the life experiences they hold as a raison d'être.

v That's nice of you to say. :O
From their profile they just seem like a normal, down-to-earth person. I get the vibe that they're very intelligent and maybe keep to themselves a little.

v You're pretty right =) Except I'm not shy at all hehe
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Ruthless Conversationalist

This is mostly conjecture, but from what I've seen, I would imagine you to be a very passionate, enthusiastic person who really invests themselves in what they do. I also see you as being somewhat easy-going; the type to take pleasure in small things.

Going into super-dubious-theory land now, I can see you being more shy than you'd like to be, or at least more than the rest of your personality would suggest you are.
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Eloquent Friend

She really doesn't say much about herself, which I guess is all one needs for the first impression anyway xd But given her avatar, the title she gave herself, and the down-to-earth attitude in her profile, I'd say Goldfinch is a lighthearted but no-nonsense hard worker. If she's going to work she's going to smile, dammit, and you better too. She'll support you in your hour of need, but if it's not a legit cause she'll be honest and tell you to stop moping.

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