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Dangerous Lover

I bet Enerium is pretty chill and totally likes gaming and hangout with friends. I think he fits the typical "Good boy next door" type.
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Questionable Cat

Till... You seem like a really fun person. Devil-may-care attitude generally, but you do sometimes care what certain people thing. But I don't think that is very often. You seem to make for a great friend irl, though it can be better to get a hold of you through a computer rather than say a phone.

I think might come across as a bit awkward in public to those who subscribe to a more "average" style of life... Like a mom with two young kids who buys all name brand items that you see in commercials at the grocery store. You have your own sense of fashion, you don't really care what is "in" with diets or what the next fad food is.

I'm probably really off base.
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Lonely Fatcat

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  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Bunny Hunter 100
  • Gender Swap 100
The type of person who searches up tumblr gifs of potatoes. Nothing short of delightful.
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Salty Prophet

    ^ That is hilariously accurate. ily, Iabie.

    Oh god, this is tough.
    I want to say Marcie is the type of lady that wears graphic tees and ponytails. And she really likes the colour pink and keeps things in her purse even after they're supposed to be thrown away.
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Mega Hunter

Keeps to himself usually, but lots of friends. Has a lot of refined pursuits, and likes to live life in a low-key fashion.
You sound a lot like me based on your profile. A little more of one to think of yourself in sort of a negative way, but you're not necessarily a self-loathing person.
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You strike me as someone who is generally good-natured without being too hyperactive, and with an interesting sense of humour.

v Oh stop it, you rofl
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Shaggy Rogue

D'aww Diane!

Easygoing although more inclined to being introverted, most definitely artsy, romantic (both the lovey-dovey kind and fascinated with the romantic era), a warm friend, and squishable. GLOMP.
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Intellectual Inquisitor

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I think you'd be kind of down to earth, but very excitable. The type of person who can talk a mile a minute around close friends, but gets all awkward and nervous around new people.
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Eloquent Friend

Hmm... I'll bet you're not actually shy/uncomfortable around new people. You keep a bright smile at all times, even if you're not quite sure what to say. You largely keep your nerdy self quiet; not that you're ashamed, but mayhaps not as many people around are into the same literature and entertainment. You still probably have a lot of buddies who play VGs with you at your place though! Also, don't know why, but I bet you like baking cookies. Just a shot in the dark there.
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Animal Bloodsucker

I think you'd have a good sense of humor. You're generous and goodnatured. I also think, maybe you'd be the one among your friends that people come to for advice.
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Toxic Friend

      you seem really cool and also laid-back? like the friend that you can just chill with and stuff ;w; maybe you have a go-with-the-flow kind of attitude
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Winged Gatekeeper

Despite the morbidity of her avatar, art, and overall aura, she's a rather bubbly and happy person behind the black. Seems like a girl who would rather take a step back to rethink her actions before she commits to them. A good sense of humour; she can take an acerbic joke or two without being offended. Actually, she might throw a good-natured one back. Genuine person -- she just likes her dark things.
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Hardcore Genius

11,600 Points
  • Perfect Attendance 400
  • Senpai's Notice 100
  • Team Moira 200
A brutally honest person (like me). He can't help but say the truth about things, as well as his own feelings. He likes to see order everywhere he goes, which makes him appear quite fussy about little details, as well as strict. He trusts only a few people... so far, because it could take a lot of time before you get to know him well. That being said, this is just what I know about him here and what I imagine he's like IRL. There might be aspects of his personality that aren't known to people like me yet.
I think that she's probably a pretty smart cookie that enjoys music.

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