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Hm. The impression I had of you before I popped by the freebie thread was that you were the stoic, quiet person always standing at the edge of a group of friends, tossing witty remarks and such when the time was apt for it.

Now I know you're a sponge-mochi-dragon thing that's 20cm taller than me, draws awesomely and is still very snarky under that look. 0w0
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Eloquent Friend

I know I've posted under you before, but I've gotten to know you a wee bit more 3nodding I think you're breaking more out of your shyness shell. I think in person you are perhaps a quiet type, you like to doodle and listen to headphones (even in groups of people). I think you might work best independently. I think though you are very smart, probably more so than you give yourself credit for. I bet if the right subject is brought up in a group of people, you become a regular chatter box, totally excited to talk about whatever topic it is. I think you'd be like one of my old friends in college - she was a premed major, and she had no problem at all discussing surgery and other topics while we ate lunch. I had no problem with them either, but our other buddies at the lunch table with us were like "GAAHHH not hungry anymore." xd
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Tipsy Flatterer

I see you as being pretty nerdy, probably fixated on "retro" things such as old gaming systems, music, movies, etc. I imagine that you're very caring, but also somewhat of a recluse by nature.

v I wish any of that were true. sad
I would imagine you, based on your avatar/character, to be quite comfortable with yourself, mostly confident, calm, and perhaps moderately impulsive. Not so much a people person per say, but you have no qualms with crowds either. Also I would suspect you often engross yourself to a hobby which you dedicated a nice amount of time toward whether it be an instrument for example.
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Hardcore Genius

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A Nintendo gamer (see sig) and also quite philosophical, always thinking about deep things such as existence and the meaning of life, emotions and the reasons for having them, etc.

(v The demon part is false. I was even scared of them as a kid.)
Avril is obviously a music fan, nerd, and isn't as grumpy or psycho IRL biggrin

IRL Avril also loves demons! (She just won't admit it)

Ummmm... She also likes long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick...right.
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Bloodthirsty Lover

Based on the last couple of encounters, I feel that you are someone who is rather bubbly, kind and polite (not to mention friendly biggrin ). Also, I feel you are also the sort who stand their ground when necessary. . Perhaps you like cute animals, soothing music and sweet pastries, but these are just guesses. Sorry if I got the facts wrong, and I hope I made sense sweatdrop
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The avatar above me is probably someone who has a fascination towards works of the Romanticism era. (Totally guessing with no thought process).
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Lonely Shapeshifter

Leans the tiniest bit towards japanese culture and punk equally. Enjoys the modern version of old timey reporter girl.
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Moonlight Girl

Well, I'm going to presume that he's into the supernatural (mainly UFOs, etc). Also, I think he would be the type to visit the library and read up on science fiction, fantasy, etc.

v How do you know me so well!? Blimey. You got everything right.
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Ruthless Darling

I would like to believe K i m z y has quite a feminine air to her. She probably enjoys the company of animals and carries herself with utmost etiquette. At the same time she could be simply clumsy when it comes to very certain things.

^ surprised heart whee
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Lonely Nerd

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Perhaps really cute. wink
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Timid Gawker

Hmm I'm not good at this. But I'd say he's a pretty outgoing guy with a lot more richness when you get to know him. I don't want to use the word flamboyant, but maybe just a little bit. sweatdrop

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