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Hygienic Lunatic

I'm guessing he's quite shy, so people sometimes forget he exists, but when they do notice him, it's because of his creativity.

arrow I'm probably wrong.
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Dangerous Phantom

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Sly and playful.
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Eloquent Friend

I'd say Jimmy is a bright, bubbly person. In large group environments though, he may be rather unsure what to say and be a little more quiet. But if a certain topic he's interested comes up, he will jump right in - even surprising a few friends who didn't know he was so knowledgeable and talkative on that particular topic.

I'd say there were more than a few times where someone said "I didn't know you were so good at (insert activity), we gotta do it more often!"

^ SWOOSHED, I knew I should have reserved a spot. Hold please...

He says he's private and that's all we need to know. But, based on times we've interacted, I'd say he has a vivid, dark sense of humor. Though his humor is dark, he's got a much more level and optimistic mind than most would think. Well-read, and also appreciates the graphic arts.

V I do *love* cooking. I'm actually very humble, just talkative and optimistic 3nodding
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Moonlight Girl

From Jay's avatar I get the impression that he likes to cook. I don't know if whether or not I'm right about this, but I'll go with that, anyway. I also get the impression that he's a very proud person whether that's cooking or anything else that he has done that he feels proud of.
She's a quiet girl, not so much shy as it is that she's a daydreamer.
I imagine she used to be fond of swings and sidewalk chalk.. and still is, secretly.
Probably likes ghost stories or any other paranormal events. Maybe a winter person. Likes blue, 'cause blue is nice. Probably pretty nerdy, but beautiful in her way.
Loves drawing, does it alot, especially if given music to draw to. A charming young lady, though some people might call her a hipster due to her fashion sense, it's quirky in her own way. Other than that, she can be vocal if she wants to, and is quite knowledgeable.

I think I completely missed the mark.
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Eloquent Friend

Because of your sense of privacy, which I absolutely respect, it's hard to make any conclusions. I hope I don't accidentally disrespect 3nodding

But something tells me, IRL you are also pretty reserved, perhaps more so than you should be. You've mentioned that you're a med student, and that's not a field for the weak mind or heart. I'll bet you're full of wit, and know how to stay calm under pressure. When stressed, you probably turn to a creative field like your drawing, writing, or even poetry, even create whole new storylines that you haven't posted anywhere else. I'll guess you're not a fan of big parties, but instead enjoy low-key smaller gatherings with friends, like nights of video games and/or card games.
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I would assume that jay is very sweet, and caring. He is also intelligent.
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Kawaii Carnivore

I think Linlin must be a very kind person in rl , and very responsible . Very mature for her age , I think she has a strong sense of what she want and has to do . I imagine her as being very dedicated to her loved ones .
You seem like a worldly, creative, and open minded person. I don't think you appreciate people being wasteful, like you like to use up as much as one thing as possible until it dissolves into nothing. You're artistic and chill and people like to go to you to get your opinion 'cause they know you won't be mean about it.
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OpaniFare seems down to earth and creative IRL. Perhaps a little introverted, someone who daydreams and longs for a better world. But can be quite silly and talkative to someone known well.
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Ruthless Inquisitor

I think you consider yourself quiet IRL but others find you to be fun company---I'm sure you have more friends than you think, if this is the case. Given that, I would also say that you find it easier to express yourself on paper or online than in person, though not out of cowardice but perhaps how much easier it is to elaborate on your feelings when not rushed by the standard pace of vocal conversation?
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Conservative Gaian

I've always imagined Nyrk to be the one member among his friends who is labeled as "the quiet one." This might possibly make him appear unapproachable or a little scary, but at heart, he's a rather calm guy with a decent sense of humour. In fact, there are some moments he presents that even breaks that silent shell entirely. He's seems to carry the common saying: "Looks can be deceiving."

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