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she is a quiet person, she sometimes can feel like being around an old lady, but her mind is full of youth and fresh ideas. she spends a lot of time around technology...
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O.G. Noob

She is secretive but dazzling, she has an impressive, dynamic personality but keeps alot to herself.
quiet and reserved, very smart for his age and wise beyond his years, I can see him having fun but is not into doing anything to outside his box afraid of what others may think. So your average quiet college kid who in the free time play games and chill with friends
At first I thought he was a random (in a good way) and nice guy that everyone likes.
After reading his profile, I still feel the same way but also believe that he's a very social being
who enjoy expressing himself and making new friends.
I would believe that he's quite intelligent, but somewhat sarcastic with a sense of humor based on wit and cynicism. Yet, he's usually kind and cheerful a good deal of the time. 3nodding
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Devoted Carnivore

Generally friendly, easy-going, and usually seems like your typical 'nice guy'. Open-minded, willing to meet new people and interests, but his own interests aren't very easily swayed, and are usually the same (though they evolve over time). I'm guessing that he hasn't had very many run-ins with people who don't like him at all, and most of those times took place over the internet (maybe even on Gaia)
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A hard working simpleton who doesn't sit on the internet 24/7
Kind, soft, and likes smiling.
A mysterious/secretive person who does not like talking to random strangers.
Only softens up to her friends/people becoming her friends.
Loves animals so that shows lots of kindness from her heart, I also see a sarcastic type of humor which is also nice. Telling from your outfit i see a funny side but also a bit dark side since its mostly black but I do see a nice person who is genuine.
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        Seems like a well rounded person, based on their taste in music. They also seem rather calm and composed, and I couldn't ever picture them losing their temper. I sense intelligence as well. c: The signature makes me think they can be a bit if a goofball sometimes, but they're also a good person. c:

        You made another thread, Valg, yay! ^^
Ahh. Miss Ivy. She seems like a very nice & sincere person, who does not lose their temper easily. She enjoys many historical-related or intellectual conversations.
She absolutely adores her friends to bits and hates being alone.
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Devoted Carnivore

I don't know you very well at all, so... here's what I can figure out from your avatar

*rubs hands together* Well. I'm.... honestly, for some reason and for once not getting a lot from your avatar, but I'll try. One thing I'm pretty sure about - you're open about a lot of things, but it's like you've written a separate book about yourself to present to people. It's the truth for the most part, but is only a tiny portion of yourself. Everything else, you keep hidden for some reason.... You like being tough, and you like to think of yourself as a tomboy though you occasionally, and with little shame, indulge in some girly things. You love things that you consider cool, which tends to be heavily influenced by your interests and the interests of the places you go to and people you like
She looks like a very nice romantic with nerd tendencies.
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A high school senior who has an obsession with Harry Potter and Twilight.
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Tipsy Fatcat

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Seems very laid back and considerate.
Also, VERY GOOD at drawing.
Although, can have a sarcastic side every once in a while~ C:

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