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She's probably nice and might be emotional/sensitive, awkward because I read that on her profile, fun but not until she knows someone, down to earth maybe?
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Ruthless Trader

She seems like an awesome person~ You know the person who is actually willing to do refined/awesome things. Such as actually having tea because they feel like it, or being one of the rare people who actually know to be quiet during a movie.
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Magical Astronomer

He seems like a cheerful, unintimidating person who's easy to talk to. I think he's someone with whom almost anyone could get along. He also appears to be very creative and has an adventurous spirit.
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Beloved Warlord

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Time to misjudge you~
Identifies strongly with her interests, even if she doesn't necessarily endorse them. Can get 'caught up' in experiencing things/ideas. Enjoys creative pursuits and expanding her horizons, especially synthesising seemingly-incongruous elements into a cohesive whole. Comfortable being on her own much of the time, although pleasant (and possibly slightly offbeat) company to have.
There's probably a lot more to her than first impressions would imply. (I know this last point pretty much applies to everyone, but it's quite pronounced here.)

v Informative, isn't it? XD
Right on all three counts, though.
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Conservative Gaian

A puzzle to be sure, this one. Definitely someone who values literature, the art of wordplay, and utter truthfulness. And yeah, I did read the profile. Couldn't resist. sweatdrop
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Sparkly Reveler

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Creative, imaginative type, always brimming with ideas. Probably quite quiet, but comes alive when talking about things she enjoys.

User Image
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Distinct Sophomore

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This Gaian would have a way about himself where anyone can relate to him and spend fun times together without having any awkward moments. He seems open minded and would be accepting of others because he enjoys the diversity in others. At least that's what I think he'd be like IRL.
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Conservative Gaian

[[ Young. Defiant. Perhaps a little loud in nature. She's surely intelligent, and has good aspects to her personality, but she's not the type to let others into her life so easily. Rather, she feels the need to appear strong and superior to others; others need to earn her attention and respect. But after getting to know her, she may be just as pleasant as the next person - in her own rebellious way. ]]
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Dapper Codger

Artistic and pleasant, with something of a flair for the dramatic. Various testimonials on his profile assure me he's really not as intimidating as he looks, which is always comforting I suppose.
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Beloved Warlord

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Has a rather dry sense of humour. Likes to use language accurately; cares about how she (? - going off avatar base here) comes across to others, even if the desired impression is not conventional and/or approval-seeking.
Perhaps friendlier than one would assume at first glance.

v emotion_0A0 Your skills of perception are unreal!!
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Generous Hunter

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Maybe a wiseacre at history.
Quiet person , maybe also lonely.
People still like him/her , but has more friends at the internet.
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Enduring Champion

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Serious person o:
Tall and handsome too? xd
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Hot Dog

Ditzy? Hyperactive? confused
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Hilarious Gawker

He's probably one with an affinity for treats, and often brings some to share with his friends. He prefers quality over quantity in friends both offline and online, and has a small, close circle of irl friends. I also imagine him to be a pretty random person.
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Dapper Lunatic

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Ehhh....mayhaps she's a woman with a profound interest in all things nautical or maritime?


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