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In a relationship with your vacuum cleaner

Hot Dog

She probably loves reading, is poetic, cultured. Enjoys fantasy and the mystical (judging by the favorite reads). Elegant too, very refined in speech with friends and family.
A very nice, but quiet and withdrawn person who is the envy of the art class. Probably listens to fairly heavy music, and knows how to have a good time in the right company, but never gets carried away.
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Ruthless Survivor

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The avatar is 100% 'tough guy,' but looking at the profile leads me to assume he also has a soft and squishy side.
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Devoted Carnivore

He's anti-social, but loves and is loyal to people he actually meets and gets to know. His skin has this on-off switch that alternates between adamantium and squishy teddy-bearness, depending on who he's talking to. (I get the feeling he has more people he's attached to online than offline)
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Inquisitive Shapeshifter

Macabeak seems like she would be a very outgoing person, with a bubbly personality that kind of grows on you. It would also appear she has quite the quirky imagination, and a love of foreign films to boot.
Good-tempered, easygoing with a flair for the dramatic. Enjoys fantasy novels/shows, quick with a sly comment.

Dangerous Lunatic

She's everywhere at all times. It's almost creepy.
I know. I'm awesome that way. rofl

The username clashes with the thug look. -,- Likes fighting and loud music. Easy to provoke. Probably has a nice guy hidden beneath the layers of "OOOHH, I'M GONNA SMASH YER FACE IN."
Humorous, a little kooky, but friendly. Probably would pick dark colors over pale ones, and, assuming you are a girl, not entirely comfortable in her femininity.
Ok from your avi i see a person not to huge on color but knows style pretty well.
From your profile I see you like dogs and have some color in there so i see a kind well read and intelligent female who speaks her mind and has some unique stuff to stand out from other people.
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Ruthless Survivor

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I've got to admit, you sort of seem like the kind of person that would've bothered the hell out of me back in high school. XD I probably would've glared at or tried to intimidate you for no real reason, and perhaps my friends and I would've gleefully plotted ways to destroy your car using thermite to melt through the hood to the street, hehe. Thankfully, we instead encountered each other through the internet, and I've discovered that even though we don't have the same taste in anything, you're probably a lot more intelligent and generally nicer than I might've guessed, or given you credit for. XD
Sick sense of humour, the kid in class that would giggle along with me during Gladiator.
Prideful, confident in your decisions. I don't think you get or bother with all the idiotic social rituals that most people do.
Biology was fun for you, the sound of those ribcages snapping made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It didn't make you the least bit sad that those creatures were once living things. You have the urge to do things that sicken people or are punishable by law, the loss of your freedom (prison) is the only thing that stops you.
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Devoted Carnivore

Mature, wise, reserved... I believe you see yourself as more outgoing than most people probably perceive you, so were maybe surprised the first few times people called you cold, stuck up, things along those lines. You're really not, though, even if you do tend to hold yourself at a distance from people.

(Probably a total miss P= )
Someone who has been a little shy and on the dorkier side of things, but also enjoys things that are visually pretty and a bit different from the normal standards. :3
the loud yet shy blonde headed girl with the wild fashion sense that makes some girls envious.

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