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I thought this might be fun razz I don't think anyone did a game like this before?
Go to http://cleverbot.com/, and write a question about the AAY. Then, paste the answer here! razz
I'll start.

I asked: Will Mr Invisible ever get visible?

Cleverbot answer: "No, never."
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Q: Where did Flavie come from?

A: From the mind. It's all in the mind.
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Do you know Tetrabiblos ?
Jeg skjĂžnner ikke hva du snakker om.

^ I don't know what this is saying lol
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Shameless Wench

Q: What happened to Miss Mentis's face?

A: Mating between animals and the like.

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Dapper Bloodsucker

Q: Why is blood on Nyu's face ?

A: That is not true, blood is mauve.

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Aged Survivor

Q: Why is Rarurie chained?

A: *Is chained down*

((Yeah. No kidding. That didn't answer my question. >< ))
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Kawaii Carnivore

^^ Q : Will Lumina really be able to ascend ?
A: Only if you will tell me who you really are .

...Looks like I was talking to one of your higher-ups who is keeping your status secret .Mmh . Smells like conspiracy.

Swooshed by Steffi scream .

Q : Is Steffi really loyal to Logan ' s Chargers ?
A : You are talking to Bree , not yourself .

Sorry Bree for ignoring you even though I have no idea who you are ! ;w;
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Fashionable Shapeshifter

q: Why does nanaith have an owl on her head?
a: I don't need this right now.
wow clevernot
Q: Why is Rawr of the Greek missing an eye?
A: The green grass is green because that's how the universe was created to be.

At least you never missed the eye :l
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Q: What does "Un Sogno Di Amore" mean?

A: Nothing and you never asked that.

Yes, I did. If you don't know its meaning, just say so.

(v I'll take that to mean we are both awesome. xd )
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Unholy Lover

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Q: Why does Avril Dizzy Ocho like Flavee?
A: Awesome feels like awesome.
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Devoted Darling

Q: Why does Flavie look lonesome today?
A: Because you are.

(mm, that's sad! I don't feel particularly lonesome.. ^^;; )
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Peaceful Conversationalist

        Q: Has Spoggly ever had to punish her fox?
        A: No, no one ever has.

        ( v Is there something on my head?)
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Fashionable Shapeshifter

q: What happened to octopotamus' head?
a: I don't know, what happened?:

well, apparently both of us want to know - WHAT'S UP WITH YO HEAD
Q: Would Rawr of the Greek be willing to really shoot someone?
A: So you think hope is not a reason to live?

Apparently, this thing likes to reply to questions with more questions.

v LMAO, it's totally tea. >.> Yep.

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