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This game takes a lot of time. xD I really want the final item, but I've honestly got less time to play this than other people.

I'm only on my fourth one. My goal is to reach the fifth one (the bee) and name it Castiel fluff of the Lord (SPN reference) and screenshot it. xD

Then I'm buying the rest of the event items in the marketplace.
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It's alright, but I really wish I could get another fluff besides the orange one. -_-
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...Everyday I'm flufflin'...
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...were you not here for the Fat Diedrichs of Easter thing? confused THAT was annoying.

Although you're right - this is probably more annoying since there were so many problems with the event. At least they got their act together at the end so that it was usable. But this is why I hate Flash-based events on Gaia so much - THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS.

I will say that once many of the kinks were worked out, this event wasn't all bad.

Yes, I was. And yes, it was. Catching those darn bunnies using a touch pad was no fun.
I also remember that people had lots of trouble with the flash space back then.
And while you could at least do a bit of the event without accessing the flash space, you were still arsed because you couldn't get the event items without some of the bunnies that were flash space-exclusive. I already thought that was dumb back then and I don't get why Gaia reacts by having events rely even more on flash. Sure it is flashy and all, but it alienates so many people and frustrates most of the rest.
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Games are fun to play.
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Loyalty takes too long to max out. sad
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<3 my thread? heart

By the way, I kind of wish they tested the towns 2 first. I like forum based events, so I'm not too crazy about this...
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Looks like they found a way to alienate some more people. rolleyes
Really cute event. Would have enjoyed it a lot more if they didn't cut the deadline short and the system worked a lot better. It was just way too tiring trying to get that loyalty meter to go up.
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Magnetic Phantom

Oh now I understand why .... rolleyes
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Magnetic Phantom

Needless Fury
Besides the glitches and people ditching Tic-Tac-Toe games, I thought it was alright. Once I figured out raising Happiness to 100% meant I could start raising Loyalty, I was able to get my 10 fluffs in a relatively short time.

Hm, most of the time people ditching was probably due to them not being able to see their opponent - at least I always wondered what the other party was seeing whenever I found myself in an otherwise empty room, which happened far too often.
Just twice or so, I had people ditch when they realized that they were going to lose the game. I didn't expect people could be so lame. wink

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