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To be honest this is my first Gaia event and so far I am kind of dissapointed in the whole thing sad
I've had trouble with the Tic Tac Toe ever since the event started, I accept a challenge and my fluff would always dissapear on me!
I never was awarded any of the achievements and I am still stuck on my 3rd fluff!
So in all, I will not be joining another Gaia event again! sad

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Can't say it's my favorite... it's far too tedious and it's still glitching with only a day or so left. I lose over half the initiated tic-tac-toe games to glitches and have spent weeks trying to inch along the loyalty of these blasted 10 fluffs... I'm still only at 8. It's taking 2-3 times longer than it should on top of the already very long pet-raising times. Not my idea of fun...

I don't remember seeing this many glitches since the sushi errors of 2003 x.x;

On a positive note... the fluffs are cute...
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I was hoping to help ten but have been stuck with number eight for too long.
raggedy grrl
This past week (since Monday's patch) was much better...I might even make 10 fluffs now. Maybe. But the first part was misery. I had a grumpy bee fluff that kept disappearing, and when it was around, would lose loyalty in odd bursts...had that fluff for three or four days.

Edit: Oh, and it really was unpleasant to go to the forum and see other people posting about how they were on their 14th fluff or fluff #28 when I was laboring to get to 5. Still not sure how the heck they did that.

Tic-Tac-Fluff is exceedingly dull. I've found my loyalty seems to increase the same win, lose,or draw, so I just let other people win now to get it over with fast. I keep hearing that computer in War Games saying "the only way to win the game is not to play at all." [Tip: next time, let's do Global Thermonuclear Fluff War ("Greetings, Pr. Fluffenberg. How about a nice game of chess?" "No, Global Thermonuclear Fluff War”)].

The dance thing is moderately fun, but the wait times are too long. The race is...I gave up on it. Never do it now unless I accidentally click the icon. Pointless, buggy, and lag-ridden.

Washing my fluffs and feeding them yummies doesn't get old, however...but we need "scritch behind the ears" and "rub belly" options.

Eh he heh... sweatdrop Sorry. I know it's a bit much when people like me say how many we've raised, but half of it is to try and inspire others that they can do it too.
Those options wou;ld be kinda neat. Suggest them in the next Ask the Admins thread, maybe it'll catch on and they'll program in some options like that eventually.
the event is too many gliches and lag.. it make so hard to raise ten pets. i raised 4 pets until now.. crying
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If you don't think about the 10-fluff achievement then it's okay. But if you're going after it it's time-consuming and has so many glitches. I feel bad about missing the achievement but I don't have enough time to go after it (because of work and other stuff).
My opinions on this event.
I've personally enjoyed it, the chatting, interaction with others. I've had a generally good time.
I was a lucky one who didn't have very many bugs/glitches and the ones I did, where minor really.
It's always buggy when Gaia releases something, it's not like they have the mega corporations budgets to test and hire the "best & brightest" out there, so it's still pretty good for a server dealing in the tens of thousands. I'm glad they extended the event for those who did experience the bugs and it's a good way to get ready for the full pet system too.
I have raise way to many fluffs (a few people commented on me here without dropping my name, lol) But then again, I was the guy who played the old NES games and grinded for gold to buy the 50k item at them beginning of the game, and played the MMO's for the fishing/mining. Plus, I figured a few good tips that have helped several people, and served as an inspiration that it was possible & they finished, so that makes me happy too.
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i never liked fluffs
so i very strongly dislike this event

not to mention the whole 'pets' concept was just like really gaia?

im not reeaslly sure why but im just not fond of this event at all

theres too much lags and glitches and it just doesnt really appeal to me much.
Overall this event was not the worst I've done.
Not the best, either, but they did try.
I stopped at 5 fluffs, since I don't have time to raise 5 more.
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i think its my least fav one so far. there's been better, but at least there was a better admins present in this one in trying to get bugs fixes done
Actually, I'm a little surprised. It made me sad to turn in my last fluff to Blaze. The bee was really cute, especially when you washed or fed it.
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I actually really like it.

Its difficult enough to do a minigame every holiday and different everytime for so many ppl. I dont mind the tecnical difficulties. Gaia team always will do their best to make the events really entertaining and fun.

AND... I will have a new pet fluff ºwº
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lLady lHawk
I know I am not going to get the Pegacorn fluff or the What the Fluff Pet item. I just wonder after this is all done...if we can choose the fluff that we would like. As well...if the games are going to be same...or if there will be different things to do with the fluffy pet.... ninja

I think the only pet we're supposed to get is the pegacorn fluff.

I'm probably not going to get it either because I was never offered to raise one,
probably due to some terrible glitch. sad
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i never liked fluffs
so i very strongly dislike this event

not to mention the whole 'pets' concept was just like really gaia?

im not reeaslly sure why but im just not fond of this event at all

theres too much lags and glitches and it just doesnt really appeal to me much.

I find fluffs at least less annoying than Diedrich. So I'm still kind of glad they left him out of an event for once. ^^

I think a pet system is something other users have been asking for for a while now,
so I wasn't too surprised by it. (We have a "breedable pets" forum hidden away somewhere, after all.)
I'm not that keen on it either and I hope, for the sake of people who are into this, that whatever it'll be in the end will be less tedious, but then knowing Gaia ...

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