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Its a fluffy ;3
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i wonder how a fluff taste c; cheese_whine
I wanted to raise a fluff. why is the event over? it would be helpfull if they could at least have told me that because i went to towns 2 and looked for blaze. I was confused because i couldn't find her/him. wasted a bit of time.
so if i buy a fluff on marketplace now that i cannot complete this event due to the huge days of glitching, etc... will i be able to redeem it? What do i do with it once i own the potential fluff?
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_ Boo Thanggg
i wonder how a fluff taste c; cheese_whine

Actuly I wondered that to, after the event, I went to sleep an demnt that I ate all my fluffys...an they tasted baised off what raice they wore, cake fluffys, cake, bee fluffs, as honey, hair an wax, and demon fluffs, like a human but with purple blood e____e
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i shoot fluffs in zOMG!
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Uncle Kenny

User Image

Welcome to our What the Fluff event! This is our annual Summer event and a test run of our in-progress Pet system. Your goal for this event is to raise your own pet fluffs back to their happy and healthy states. To learn how best to care for your pet, keep reading for a full explanation of how things work.

Towns 2
Hit the spoiler for a map of the event area and where everything can be found

User Image

1) Blaze - Go here to get your fluff, buy items for your fluff, and turn your fluff in
2) Fluff Race - Go here to start the Fluff Race game with your fluff
3) Housing - Go here to access your home or place it in Towns 2 (just click the orange Home button above the water boat)
4) Fluff Dance - Go here to play the Fluff Dance game with your fluff

Shortcut Links

- Getting a Fluff
- Buying Fluff Items
- Fluff Activities
- Game - Fluff Tac Toe
- Game - Fluff Dance
- Game - Fluff Run
- Forum Game - Fluff Treats
- Event Items & Achievements

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_ Boo Thanggg
Its a fluffy ;3
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This was a really cool event. Hope stuff like this happens more often.
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will what the fluff ever come back i lik the idea of taking care of my own fluff
comment on recoit des wings stikers? c'est très rare d'en trouver? utre -: |
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