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I didn't even get what time it was ending. I just went back in to play with my Fluff, only to find the it was Gone! crying crying crying

The Fluff event was the only time that went into the towns anyway.

All the bugs stopped me from getting many more fluffs done! scream
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That is a low cost item, they make more with bundles. I saw a few people say the event was to go for later. What is the story on that?

The event was supposed to end at 5pm PST. Next announcement they send says it ends at noon PST. Did they really have to send out that last announcement so late? emotion_facepalm

Thanks, that really pisses me off. At lest 5 pm pst time I would have finished. I am EST, I 100% would have been done.

I'm EST too. I would have been done, happy, and gone to the grocery store if not for change in time.

I am so pissed it was for 5 then noon... okay I have to get off. Keep fighting the good fight!

I'm just hoping that they post something about the time change later on. I've gotta go too. I have to go make dinner now anyways. Bye bye. heart

i want an apology, okay TTFN have a nice dinner.
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how could you guys do this to us promise one time and then change it "5 hours earlier" at the very and i mean very last minute like that this is just plain wrong especially since many people were hoping for today to do the last few finish ups on their last fluffs so not cool
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I raised 5 fluffs and never got my achievement. Why is that?
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Is the Fluff event over? I don't see any end date and the fluff thing is gone. Will the Wing stickers ever expire?
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I rised 10 fluffs and never got the achievement, why is that?
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what the fluff bundle is out whee
c'est dommage sad j'ai pas réussi a avoir une de ces boules de poils
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I was raising my fifth fluff, a pegacorn, by the way, and it ceased to exist. Well, I was prematurely denied an item and an achievement that I worked towards while coming home from ten hours of work (that does not include my lunch) plus a drive to an from Orange County and Los Angeles. My life sucks...
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Is the Fluff event over? I don't see any end date and the fluff thing is gone. Will the Wing stickers ever expire?

I have a ton of wing stickers and never used one, so I suppose they can last forever, just like the dinosaurs!
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I'm so sad I started late and never raised a fuff
I miss the Fluffs!!! crying

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