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Hey there!

I've got a special gift for you!

From: An anonymous benefactor

Isle de Gambino was filled to the brim with Gaians, which was normal this time of year. The Summer event was in full swing, making the town lively with activity. What was not normal, however, was the hundreds of fluffs that were adding to that liveliness. They were everywhere, hopping and bouncing behind their owners as they rushed to keep up. The pets had come onto the shores of Gambino just like the pure oceanic blue waves that swept across its golden sand beaches.

You leaned on a cool stonewall ledge near one of the piers, enjoying the view. The sea glittered from the rays of light shooting from the sun and countless Gaians enjoyed the rolling, rippling waves. Some were playing beach volleyball, others just playing in the water. Fluffs floated lazily about and a few Gaians had even taken to using them in games. One particular daring Gaian had placed the fluff on his surfboard as he cruised across one of the waves. Seeing the laughing faces, and the simply levity of the Gaians, made you smile.

Through your peripheral vision, you saw someone come up to your side and lean against the grey stonewall. Turning for a better look, you saw that it was a girl. Her hair was as white as the clouds overhead and was partially hidden under a tan sun hat. The breeze tugged at her light blue sundress, but the girl did not mind. She silently gazed out at the view you had been admiring just moments before.

She turned, feeling your gaze on her, and smiled at you. "Hello. Sorry if I disturbed you."

Her eyes were light blue, so light, you thought the sun must have been playing tricks on you. Realizing you were staring a bit, you quickly glanced away.

"Oh no, it's fine. I was just staring out at the sea."

The girl nodded, "It really is a rather good view isn't it? Gambino itself is a lovely town." She looked as if she was going to say more, but a pure white fluff hopped onto the stonewall near her, effectively distracting the both of you. It bounced up and down, staring at her with what would best be described as puppy dog eyes. She sighed and took the fluff into her arms. "You want to play again? We just finished with a game a little while ago." The girl laughed softly at this and shook her head in slight disbelief. Fluff still cradled in her hands, she turned back to you. "I had hoped to talk more, but you know how these fluffs are." She gave you one last smile before walking away.

You looked down at your own fluff with a small chuckle, you probably ought to give your own a walk soon. Turning to lean on the stonewall, you noticed something resting on top of it near your arm. It was a small present with a silk bow. Had the girl left it by mistake? You turned to look for her, but it was too late; She had already disappeared into the crowd. Hesitantly, you faced the present again. Picking it up, you spied a small note written in elegant calligraphy. Curiously, it was addressed to you. You read:

A small gift in apology for having to leave so abruptly. I do hope you enjoy the Summer event and good luck in all of your endeavors during it!

Best wishes,

--- Phantom Anon

I wish for you to come back to me soon, my dear! I enjoyed our time together very much and would like to gaze upon your fair and exquisite beauty again. My dear, time will pass with my heart in tatters until I find you. And when I do, I will do what I can to make you the happiest phantom around! And I thank you for the fluff. heart
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Lonely Lover

Hey there!

I've got a special gift for you!

From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: As you're caring for your adorable fluff, you see that someone doesn't look all that thrilled at the prospect: a blue furry creature that keeps kicking away a little fluff whenever it gets close to him. You walk up to him and tell him that's no way to treat a fluff and he scoffs.

"You think fluffs are cute and adorable, huh? WRONG." He puts his snout up to your face, giving you a very serious look as he continues his rant.

"They're out to murder us all in our sleep! They're Animated, for crying out loud! And the only true way to deal with fluffs is with a good Slash ring."

He sees the look of horror on your face as you clutch your fluff in your arms, and shakes his head. "Trust me, the fluffs will be in a better place. THE VOIDS OF NONEXISTENCE. Now stand back, it's time to do some fluff stomping~"

He then cracks knuckles in a slightly menacing fashion and runs off, leaving a ring box next to you with a note that reads:

- Sonic the Hedgehog

Why don't you head over to your inventory and see what you got!
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Man-Hungry Codger

woo! my first anon letter of the event!

From: An anonymous benefactor

The marble floor was well polished to a point that it gleaned from the rays of light that slipped down from the arched windows of the hallway. Placed against the walls, medieval swords, scabbards, and other relics rested in glass cases. Tapestries of rich colors hung on the walls, adding to the atmosphere of the entire museum. This was the Hall of Weaponry. You paused now and again as you strolled down the quiet hallway, marveling at the beauty and brutality of the weapons.

You held absolutely no regret in deciding to come to this museum. Originally, you had just been passing by the place, but the lure of the stone bricked museum was too much. It even had a small bell tower. This alone would have sold you into going inside.

After paying a small fee and bypassing the offer of a tour that would be held later, you had made your way into the depths of the museum. You had spied only a few other tourists walking about and were a little grateful for it. It meant that you could take your time without being pushed on by the flow of people. It also made traversing the museum easier and quicker. Already you had passed by many rooms that had been made to replicate how historians thought rooms in the medieval period would have looked like during its lively brilliance centuries ago.

Turning down another hallway, you followed a sign that read: Hall of Armor.

The only lighting in this room came from fake white candles in iron placeholders on the walls. Their yellow glow was dim, but allowed just enough light for you to clearly see the suite of armors lining the sides of the hallway. They stood tall and proud, as if young men still inhabited them. They were so well polished that they glimmered in the light. Walking near a particularly reflective one, you found that you could even see yourself in it.

You continued onward, admiring each and every single suite. All were unique and held their own personality, a personality that must have mirrored the owner's. The thought had been a stray one, but it made sense to you. The men that had worn these suites must have cared for them dearly and depended on them with their lives.

You stopped yourself from the temptation of touching the metal scar on the helm of a particular suite of armor. It ran from the top of the silver visor down to the cheek of the helm. Every scar and blemish of these armors was a memory of an event for these men; like a metal journal of their lives. You continued to gaze at the scar on the suite of armor, wondering how the armor had received it. It must have been through many battles. It stared solemnly back at you in silence, an eternal and unmoving knight.

Eventually, you tore yourself away from it and continued your tour. Soon you came to an intersection further down the hall. Ahead of you was the Hall of Art, with sculptures and paintings lining the walls. To your left was an oaken double door entrance with a small gold plaque off to the side. The doors led to a ballroom. You moved towards them and tugged on the gold curved handle. Locked. Frowning in light disappointment, you turned to stare down the hall that you had yet to identify. Unlike the Hall of Art, this one was dark and empty. Velvet rope draped across the entrance with a paper sign taped to it. Under Construction. Down the darkened hall, you spied a set of stairs at the end that led upward. Did they lead up to the bell tower?

Your heart quickened as you stared at the Under Construction sign and then down the hallways flanking you. No one was present. Taking the opportunity, you slipped under the sign and into the dark hall. You walked at a fast pace, aware that at any moment someone could pass by and see you from the hall. The wood stairs were barely lit by a small nearby window. Only a few rays of light were left as the sun nearly completed its fall from the sky.

The stairs moaned and squeaked as you began to ascend. Placing a hand on the smooth wall at your side, you carefully continued your tread upwards, moving quick as to not be noticed by any employees that happened to be patrolling by. It was probably your fast pace that caused what happened next; Or maybe just the age of the wooden, rotting staircase. The area had been under construction after all. All you knew is that you had stepped on the edge of a particularly warped step and then there was a shattering noise as wood gave way. After that, there was only darkness.

Darkness was the only thing that greeted you after opening your eyes. The ground was cool against your skin as you rested on it, staring up into the black void above you. A small sliver of moonlight arced from the nearby window giving you some small form of light. You groaned as you sat up. Your body felt battered and bruised.

A step must have given way and you must have fallen. The back of your head throbbed with pain as you shakily managed to get to your feet. After checking yourself over, you were relieved to find that you had no serious injuries. Though that did not stop your body from complaining.

You pulled out your cell phone (thankfully it had not broken in the fall) to check the time: It was just shy of midnight. No one must have noticed you sprawled at the bottom of the staircase. The museum was closed by now and you wondered for a moment how you were going to get out.

The chirping of your phone drew your attention. Gazing back down at it, a red bar flashed repeatedly. A moment later, the screen went black.

"You've got to be kidding me." You glared down at your phone for dying on you.

Sudden renewed silence filled the air around you...But you realized it was not a complete silence. You frowned, barely able to make out a muffled noise coming from down the hall. You turned and saw a small thread of light underneath the oak double doors that led to the ballroom.

Maybe there was an event tonight at the museum. Relieved, you hurried towards the doors. As you grew closer, the muffled noise began to clear. You could hear the low rumble of people talking and laughing. There were also sounds of a lute playing in the background.

Grasping the handle, you opened the heavy door. Light assailed your eyes, blinding you momentarily. When the spots finally cleared, you immediately wondered if you were still knocked out and dreaming.

Suites of empty armor crowded the entire room. Clumped in small circles, they chatted and joked with one another, gesturing about as they talked. Some walked around and a few were even sparring with swords in the nearby corner.

How was this possible?

There was absolutely no one inside the armor suites. You could see the empty spaces between the armor pieces where body parts would have normally been. Some even rested their helmets under their arms, leaving a void space as to where their head should have been.

This was...impossible...

Yet there they stood. Laughing and chatting as if there were still people inside them.

A firm, metal hand came down onto your shoulder and clenched it, making you jump in surprise. You turned and looked up, mainly because you had to for the man behind you was a giant. Nearly six and a half feet tall, the suite of armor towered over you. The armor was dented and scarred. Startled you realized you knew this suite of armor. Along the helm, crossing over the visor and to the cheek was a scar in the metal. A hand lifted the visor and two blue eyes stared down at you with brows knitted together in puzzlement.

This was the second thought that struck you: there was actually a man in the suite of armor. The color from his body was muted away by a rich shade of light blue that matched the sky in a sunny day. The ghostly hue seemed to glow and emit its own light underneath all of his armor.

"I...uh..." You scrambled to say something, but nothing came out, leaving you just gawking at the knight.

His brow lifted in silent question, but he said nothing. Having appeared to come to a decision, he let go of your shoulder and began to walk into the ballroom. He stopped when it became apparent that you were not following,

"Come with me." His voice was rough, but oddly quiet for a man of his size. It was not an order or threat, or said in any rude manner, but you felt compelled to follow him nonetheless.

The empty suits of armor cleared a path for him, making it easy to head towards the depths of the room. You could feel helms turn in your direction as invisible eyes scrutinized you. Conversations stilled as you passed, making you grow even more unnerved. Following the glowing blue man, you spied others in the crowd like him. Their ghostly hue was hard to miss, especially since their clothes seemed consumed by the shade. They did not wear armor like the knight, but clothes of different ages. You spotted a few men in top hats, a boy with trousers held up by suspenders, and even a few women dressed like flappers from the 1920's. All glowed a light blue in the brilliance of the wax candle filled chandelier's above.

Were they...ghosts? They had to be, you thought, recalling the countless ghost stories you had heard.

You were so distracted that you nearly ran into the armored man guiding you as he came to a sudden stop. Coming to his side, you saw a group of armored suites and glowing blue people talking as they relaxed in front of you near empty tables. This, however, was not what drew your immediate gaze. What had was a girl whose skin seemed to emit a soft white glow. It matched with her long white hair, which was loosely pulled over one shoulder. She wore a white ball gown dress and a silver half mask that glinted in the candlelight hid the top of her face. The girl, just shy of fifteen, rested on top of a brown oak table, her feet crossed as they hung over the edge.

The girl had lifted a hand to hide a soft laugh at something one of the armor suits had said. The chatter ceased when the blue knight in front of you drew their attention. The girl in white immediately noticed you, her startled face shifting through countless sudden emotions before settling on one: amusement.

"And what is this? It is not like you to bring a guest to these events, Sir Richard. Especially not one so lively." the girl playfully teased to break the sudden awkwardness that had flooded the room.

The knight by your side entirely ignored her comment; "You have more experience in these matters than I, Lady Phantom." Again his words were quiet and to the point.

The Phantom sighed as she gazed at you, suddenly seeming much more older in age. "And because you knew me to be in a kind mood tonight. Is that not right, Sir Knight?" Her response was loaded with a meaning that was hidden from you.

The knight simply nodded in an answer, making her sigh once more. He was a man of very few words you gathered. Graceful as can be, the girl slipped off the table, her form floating down uninhibited by gravity.

"Let us get you some help, shall we?" the girl said with a small smile as she approached. The knight offered her his arm to which she accepted with a small curtsy. "And for you, Sir Richard, I will show you the proper handling for these type of situations. I do not visit here regularly, after all, so it is best you should be equipped to handle these things yourself."

Completely perplexed, all you could do was follow as the two began to walk to one of the doorways leading out of the ballroom. The darkness of the Hallway of History descended on you like a soft cloak. Despite there not being any lights, the glow from your two odd companions was enough to guide the group.

"You have questions." The girl stated as she slowed the pace of herself and the knight until she was walking by your side.

"...What was that? Are you ghosts?" You blurted the questions out and immediately felt embarrassed for the gracelessness of them.

"They are," the Phantom answered, "They visit this place from a nearby graveyard. The empty suits of armor are not ghosts and nor am I, however. I am a phantom and they are...Well, they are just shades of memories long passed..." She trailed off into silent thought, her solemn gaze sweeping over to the glowing blue knight at her side.

"Sometimes people go through a lot in their life with certain objects that they cherish. Their suffering and happiness...Their memories and feelings all get poured into the object. Even a little of their soul," the girl continued as you walked, "When the person passes on, those memories and feelings stay with the object. That is why you saw so many empty suits of armor moving as if they held real souls. They are remnants of the lives from the men that had worn them."

The Phantom turned her head away from the knight, "And sometimes the connection between the object and soul are so powerful that the soul becomes bound to the item for eternity. Yet, those are very rare cases."

The soft sound of metal clanking as the knight walked followed the silence that ensued once the Phantom finished with her words. The only contribution he had added in the conversation was a small nod here and again. Your mind drifted as her words haunted it. You opened your mouth to speak once more, but the bright light of a flashlight on your face stilled your voice with surprise.

"Who goes there!?"

You squinted as you barely managed to make out the uniform of a private security guard in front of you. His flashlight was raised like a weapon, while his arm hovered above his holster. He lowered his flashlight, paling as he stared with recognition at the Phantom and then at the looming knight.

"I, uh...My apologies." Although the air was quite chilly, the guard's skin was suddenly clammy.

The girl watched with mild amusement, "All is well, Officer. We found a stray in your museum that requires your help. I do believe they need some medical attention as well," she wisely added, looking you from head to toe once more.

You had entirely forgotten about your earlier fall. Containing a groan, your headache pounded against your skull with a renewed vengeance. The guard stared at you clearly surprised and you hesitantly waved in hello. The response seemed inadequate judging by his reaction and you found yourself sheepishly explaining what had happened to you.

"I think we can leave the rest of this matter to you, Officer. Sir Richards and I have a ball to return to." Her hand still resting on the knight's arm, the Phantom curtsied slightly. The knight simply nodded his head in his own farewell.

You stared at them as their ghostly hues eventually faded out of sight in the dark hallway. The guard came to your side and shook his head, "Of all the night jobs I had to choose, I had to pick the one that was haunted." He sighed running a hand through his hair as he looked at you, "I shouldn't have to say this, but keep what you saw here tonight to yourself. Trust me on this." He shuddered at a memory as he stared off at where the two had vanished.

Turning the other way, the guard lifted his flashlight and began to walk.
"Let's head back to my office and get you checked out."

Wondering over his words and all that had happened, you silently followed him. Ghosts and suits of armor. It felt and sounded like a dream; One that you would wake up from. But in the end, you knew this to be the reality.

--- Phantom Anon
Lady Immortal
I just don't get it either.... I'm a grown woman and I can't figure out how to "walk" fluffs......smh there is something about that that makes me giggle. whee Seriously though, I "walked" all over towns 2 and did that wee meter budge? NOPE!

Ah well, at least I can have some fun here aye? wink

Same here actually. I have no idea how to raise my Leper's (no joke that is my fluff's name. I can't bring myself yet to change it since it's so hilaribad) happiness meter thingy D:

Lol! My fluffs name is Heapy. I wonder if the devs got a kick out of the names list they approved to autogen? They seem to have a good sense of humor, I'll bet some names are hilarious!
Lady Immortal
Lady Immortal
I just don't get it either.... I'm a grown woman and I can't figure out how to "walk" fluffs......smh there is something about that that makes me giggle. whee Seriously though, I "walked" all over towns 2 and did that wee meter budge? NOPE!

Ah well, at least I can have some fun here aye? wink

Same here actually. I have no idea how to raise my Leper's (no joke that is my fluff's name. I can't bring myself yet to change it since it's so hilaribad) happiness meter thingy D:

Lol! My fluffs name is Heapy. I wonder if the devs got a kick out of the names list they approved to autogen? They seem to have a good sense of humor, I'll bet some names are hilarious!

That's so cute >w<
I'm sure they did lol I really want to know some of them too
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Beloved Stalker

I found my fluff... I think.. O_O;
I found my fluff... I think.. O_O;

What name did you get?
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Beloved Stalker

Lady Immortal
I found my fluff... I think.. O_O;

What name did you get?

Errrr... I named it...
Her name is....
-tard- x'D
Scratch that, just hovered over it lol Derpette. I feel bad for them sad
whee I should rename mine, but I think Heapy suits him.....he is kinda heapy looking.... ninja
I'm not quite sure what the "give treat" button does to help them buuuuuut I gave yours a treat *shrugs*
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Beloved Stalker

I'm assuming the give treat thing is to help with there food intake? I'm not sureee! Dx
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"brings in some tropical inspired cupcakes and cookies, leaving them on the tables." 4laugh
Le Bete Humaine

I wish for you to come back to me soon, my dear! I enjoyed our time together very much and would like to gaze upon your fair and exquisite beauty again. My dear, time will pass with my heart in tatters until I find you. And when I do, I will do what I can to make you the happiest phantom around! And I thank you for the fluff. heart

A soft laugh behind you made you whirl around in surprise. You had heard no approach. Before you, hovering a few feet above the ground as if in an invisible chair, the Phantom floated. Her gloved hand was over her mouth as she hid her laugh behind it. "Such words, Le Bete. Perhaps I should not be surprised to hear such flattery and such confidence considering it is you who has spoken them."
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