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*Yawns* Sleep time soon.
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From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: Thank-you here's afluff

~Queen of All Fairies~

The mage picked up the sand colored fluff. An orange star laid gently on top of its head. She smiled and hugged the little creature. "So adorable!"

(( xD Thank you for the message and fluff! ))
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From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: You sigh softly as you walk down the street, headed out simply for a walk to clear your head and enjoy the day. The sun is high, though clouds block the rays just slightly and give the afternoon a nearly cooling effect even if it was just slight. It was strange, the want to go for a walk at the height of the day when the heat was normally unbearable, but even still you felt the need. Just like you were finding yourself drawn towards an area were a path weaved its way through trees near a park, instead of following the paved path many usually took.

Deciding to be adventurous, you cut through and head down the path, the trees blocking even more of the sun and cooling the area off even more. It was wondrous and pleasant, your mind clear and the air refreshing as you continued your journey. But something soon seems off, the small hairs on the back of your neck stand straight up as the sensation of being watched washes over you, dousing you in a cold sweat. Did it just get darker? Why is the air so cold all of a sudden? A shiver runs down your spine as you look around, trying to find the source of the uneasy feeling. For a moment you see a flash of bright blue in the shadows of the trees, glowing like a flame in the dark before it vanished. A soft whisper of sound courses around you, you turn to find the sound and with each motion your eyes find just a glimmer of blue flames once more. Panic starts to fill your mind as you start to walk once more, your pace faster than before as sweat beads up on your skin and falls, drenching your face as if you were running a marathon.

Though you run, the scenery doesn&��t seem to change, the trees just continue and get denser. Was this path always so long? Where had the forest come from when before it had been just a park? It didn&��t make sense and everything was freaking you out as you ran out of breath. You collapse to the dirt floor, gasping for air as the chill of being watched gets stronger. The shadows of the trees seem to elongate and engulf you in darkness as your heart races, your eyes shut as whispers of voices fill your ears. Panic still eating at your heart as you move your hands to cover your ears to block out the sounds. It didn&��t make sense, nothing made sense! Why were you so freaked out, where were the voices coming from? The air grew colder still, a sickening sensations washes over you as you nearly feel faint. A foul smell engulfs the air around you as long limb like shadows crawl towards you on the ground, lights of green and red start to lurk in the trees once as the sight of eyes watch you .

&��stop&�&. No&�&Go away&�&.&�� You whimper slightly, your ears still covered by your hands as you cower on the ground, fear wracking your body in violent shakes, the darkness getting denser and the eyes growing closer to you&�&.. till a soft whistle filled the air.

You look up, startled, as the sound seems to cause a similar reaction to the shadow creatures who had been honing onto you. The nearly demonic eyes widening in fear and the elongated shadows receding away from you as the sound gets louder and closer, though instead of fear the sound causes you to calm down and relax. A soft blue light soon followed the sound, embracing you in a cooling sensation as your heart starts to beat at a normal pace, your ears picking up the whistling and a soft calming voice instead of the ones that caused you fear.

&��You&��re alright now&�&. They won&��t come after you&�&. Not now&�&But you should have not come into the Spirit Forest without some kind of protection from the evil ones&�&&�� a soft voice speaks to you, quite obvious of female origin as a hand places itself on your back. &��You should go now&�&. Before the Veil closes up once more and leaves you trapped here till the next time it grows weak&�&. Stand up&�&.And walk&�& the forest will guide you&�&.&�� The voice draws distant, though you listen and stand, no longer petrified by fear as you begin to walk. &��Don&��t look back&�& not till you are out of the forest&�&. Don&��t look back till you are safe&�&.&�� The voice grows distant, though always there as you walk, encouraging you all the while.

After a few moments you see the clearing, the sky once again bright and hot like it had been before you had taken the path. You smile happily as you nearly run the last ten steps and find yourself back at the park near your home, your house in sight. Only then did you dare turn around and look into the covered trees, where for just a moment you saw a large black cat with the brightest teal eyes you had ever seen and two tails. You ponder the sight for a moment as the cat seems to vanish into mist.

Confused by this sight, you start walking once more with your head turned the wrong way, causing you to trip slightly over a small box wrapped with red ribbon and a note attached.

&��Stay safe this Summer Solstice and beware the full moon&�&&�& I shall try and protect you&�&
Till next time,

She sighed in relief upon reading the message. Normally, her body wouldn't freeze during situations like that. However, with her decent fear of darkness, it decided to go into panic mode. Standing back up, the mage dusted her dress off and picked the gift box left behind.

"I'll have to thank them next time. Although... I wonder." Kate started to think about the cat she saw after leaving the forest. One with two tails? That was impossible for normal cats around town. Unless... The word 'demon' appeared and caused her to shake her head. "It couldn't be."

(( Oh gawd. I forgot tonight's a full moon. Oh geez. Dx Thank you for the message! You will also make my character very happy once she finds out about the new book. ))
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From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: Have a cup of tea on me.

-- The Tea Goddess

p.s. I approve of your taste in music.

"A cup of tea? For me?" The mage smiled while accepting the warm teacup filled with the tea liquid inside. "Thank you! I've been wanting tea, actually. You must have read my mind!"

(( Thank you for the message and approve my choice of music! xD ))
(( Dx More regret of opening! ))
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From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: (Prepare yourself for a ridiculously long story...)

You stand by your bed, exhausted by the grueling day you had faced today. You wonder to yourself, will anything interesting ever happen to you?

&No,& you conclude, &Probably not.&

As you prepare to settle into bed and rest your eyes, a flicker of light catches your attention.

"Weird," you think, "I&m the only one that lives here."

Oddly curious, you reach for your flashlight. You notice now that the light seems to be moving to and fro your room. You decide to follow the light. As you shuffle on, you see the slight outline of a person in front of you. This person is eerily quiet and seems to move with quick and indecisive motions.

Hesitantly, you whisper,"H-hello? Um, who are you?"

&&&you&&you can see me?& the figure inquires.

&Of course I can see you,& you reply, &Why would I not?&

&Oh&&you see&&I&&I&m not alive&&anymore&&&

As you step closer, you notice that the figure is that of a petite girl. Her hair hangs in loose blond locks, her dress tattered, and fists clenched. You step closer still, and you see that she is silently crying.

"Why are you crying?" you ask.

"...I...I'm not crying..." she answers quietly, and rubs her eyes quickly.

You are now close enough to touch her. You gently reach out and pet her hair. The girl barely responds. With more petting, it is uncovered that she has several bruises on her head.

"Little girl," you say softly, "Why is your head covered in bruises?"

The girl, though reluctant, divulges the answer with a quiet whisper, "My&&mother&&she was the queen of cakes&&but, one day&&a&&big meanie came&&and k-k-killed everyone&&"

The girl continues to cry, and you try to hug her. However, she pushes you back.

"&&d-don&t touch me!" She mutters softly, "Y-you&re&&you&re too much like mommy&&"

You try again, but this time more softly. She lets you hug her, perhaps out of memory of her mother. After a while, she stops crying.

"&&hey&&I think I have to go now&&" she says.

"Why?" you ask, "I&ve only just met you."

"I&m sorry&&" she mummers, "I&m not&&alive anymore&&so&&I have to go&&now&&sorry&&"

She disappears and the light fades. In her place is a delicately wrapped gift box. There is a tag that says in a child&s handwriting, "This used to belong to me. You can have it now."

Nestled inside is a necklace. Gently, you pick it up.

* * * * * * *

You stare at the necklace you had received from the lost little ghost girl not too long ago. She wanted you to have it, huh? You had a feeling you knew this child in a past life...and if not in this one, then a past one...

A feeling of comfort bubbles from within you. In the span of seconds, you are sent spiraling into a world of memories...

* * * * * *

You watched as a young princess dashed after the fleeing form of a petite rabbit in the courtyard. Her mother, the queen, was garbed in equally as complex clothing, but lagged behind.

"Serenity," she called, "Wait for me!"

Serenity turned towards her mother and she ceased running.

"Mum, are you tired? Would you like to sit down?"

"I...Serenity, I'm fine."

"No you're not! Clearly, you are out of breath! Please, sit down!"

"...Alright darling." The queen smiled and plopped gingerly onto the ground with a steady sort of grace only acquired after years of practice. She pointed at the rose bushes surrounding the courtyard.

"Sweetheart, do you see all those rose bushes?"

"Of course."

"Would you care to describe them for me?"

"Well, they aren't there in the winter...but they come back in the spring, they don't taste very good...and they're pretty!"

"Now," the queen pointed at herself, "Think of me as one of those flowers."

"Oh, so you're pretty like the flowers?"

"Oh, Serenity, you flatter me...but no," the queen stated sadly, "Sweetheart, I...one day, you're going to take over my throne. You'll have to be queen. And remember this, some people...some cannot be trusted with power."

"I know mum! That will be when you're too old to be queen, right?"

"Serenity...I...I might not be able to live that long..." the queen mumbled.

"Sorry mum, I couldn't hear you...what?"

"Oh, it was nothing, sweetheart."

* * * * *

A maid was standing in the entrance of the opened doors to the queen's chambers. She watched as mother and daughter fought and pleaded for each other's sake. The maid did not interject in any part of the conversation because, well, that was what was expected.

* * * *

"Mother, I can't bare it any longer! I simply cannot be your heir! It is too much responsibility for a little girl like me!"

My daughter's pleas affected me more than she realized. With a deep pang in my heart I answered with authority instead of love.

"Serenity, you knew t-this would happen someday. We a-all did. You of all people should-"

"No! Mother, I really cannot bear the burden of the kingdom! You, you just forced this upon be, you know?"

"S-serenity..." I said weakly.

"I mean," her voice became soft, "I...I just can't bear it anymore...mother, why must you die while I am still young?"

I tried to answer, I really did. But...my breath caught and I knew, oh how I knew, that my heart would not be beating for much longer.

"Mother? Mother, are you alright?!" she half yelled. I coughed in response.

Serenity ran up to me and proceeded to hug me tenderly. I had not the strength to hug back.

"Mother, mum, please, please don't leave me! Please don't...don't die..."

She began to cry. I...I truly, truly did not want to leave this earth, but I knew that my time had come.

With weak fingers, I grasped my daughters hair tenderly.

"It's a-alright Serenity. I know y-you'll be able to lead the kingdom. Just...just promise me this."

My daughter lifted her head up and I saw all the tears on my ruined dress and on hers and I felt so, so guilty inside.

"D-darling, I would like for you to have this necklace. Please keep it by your side until you leave this realm. I'll be w-waiting for you..." I felt even weaker now. I clutched both my hands into the soft mattress of my bed as a pain hit me and I moaned weakly.

"Mother?! Mother, I promise, I will treasure this necklace forever! Mum...mum, please don't die!" Serenity pleaded to me with great urgency in her voice.

I closed my eyes. I never opened them again. But even years after death, I heard her pain and sorrows in my thoughts, and I end up wondering why, oh why, did I have to die?

* * *

The maid sighed mournfully. So the queen was dead now. Honestly, she was never very close with the queen, but what she knew of her was enough to let her feel sorrow. The maid then proceeded to tell the rest of the servants in the castle the horrendous news.

* *

A day later, it is announced that the queen was poisoned by a maid working in the castle. Apparently, she did not do so willingly.

And so the rule of the tyrants begins. War begins. Thousands die. The kingdom is enveloped in chaos. The princess was killed, all heirs to the throne lost.


The flash of memories stop. You are in your room again. You clutch the necklace closer. "So this is what your life was like..."

~The Bunny Queen

She wiped the tears from her eyes after watching the memories unfold. It was difficult to respond after all that. "You suffered such great pain," she responded, staring at the necklace in her hand. "I hope you can move on someday. Probably experience a much different life."

(( MY FEEEEEELS. I didn't need those. Nope! Although some information is wrong about my character, I don't care! Was indeed sad. Thank you for the message/story! ))
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From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

*Covers her eyes* Oh my Gaia! What the heck did I just see??
*Begins to laugh at Kate's reaction* What is this?? This is just- *Continues to laugh*
Make it stop! Where's Unknown when you need her??

(( XD Thank you for the message! ))
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From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: What is summer without flowers?
-Sharp Toothed Anon

"Weell..." She paused herself for a moment as she thought about the season. "Flowers are more for Spring. Summer..." She looked at the flower hairclip that was within the box. A smile appeared on her face. "It can be for flowers too!"

(( Thank you for the message! ))
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From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: Figured you deserved something random to go with your name. Enjoy!

(( *laughs* That's true. Plus, it wouldn't matter what it was. Although, if it was a squirrel surfboarding at one of those Wave Pools, you would win. ))

(( Thank you for the message and random gift! xD ))
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From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: User Image



(( NOPE, NOPE, NOPE! *runs away* ))
It's that icky alien thing from before!
Except, it evolved? I can't see it being that hugging creature from before.
What gave that away? The ooze dripping out of its mouth?

(( XD Thank you for the message again! ))
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From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: *ping*

User Image


*Takes a closer look* Does that toaster have a mechanic that fries eggs too?
That actually sounds so useful, especially making sandwiches. Or, biscuits.

(( You've made my hunger meter go up some more. emotion_drool Thank you for the message! ))
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From: An anonymous benefactor
After a fiery argument with your friends, you storm off in a furry. Wandering around grumbling angrily to yourself, you eventually find yourself at a deserted beach. You sit in the pale sand and watch the waves crash violently against the shore. It isn't too long until you feel a presence next to you. You turn and just about have a heart attack when you see a pale haired girl kneeling beside you. It wasn't her sudden appearance that had really startled you, but the fact that you could see right through her. Though what appeared to be a small river of blood trickling down from behind where her hair hid half her face didn't help either. You stare at her, frozen in place as she watches you with her visible blue eye filled with a mixture of sorrow and curiosity before she looks down. You follow her gaze to see her scribbling something on a piece of paper that seemed to have been water damaged at some point. You watch curiously as she writes before she shoves the paper into your hands and bolts for the waves. You're about to call for her to wait when she suddenly vanishes upon reaching the water. You look down at the paper and see words written in a strange, shimmering blue ink:

Life isn't long, a mother's smile,
And then another smile,
Then romping feet,
Then sweet remembrances for awhile.

From gold to gray, from dawn to day,
And then the twilight hours.
Life is to brief to hunt for grief,
For thorns among the flowers.

Life isn't long, just time for song,
And love and things sublime.
Be not concerned with thoughts that burn,
There simply isn't time.

-Lonely Poet

(( My apologizes. I seem to not be in the mood to reply in roleplay right now. However, I wanted to get this up so you know I didn't forget you. Thank you for the message. ))
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From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: I hope you don't find this odd,
but while wandering about,
I came to find you,
and had a sneaking feeling,
since you seem to like blue,
that this little item will suit you well!

--Your friendly neighborhood stalker

She lifted the crown that seemed to be covered in blue feathers. "Oh my! It's a pretty cr-" Kate paused herself before looking back at the note. How did they know her favorite color was blue? "You have been stalking me! Don't do that!"

(( Thank you for the message. Just a warning. Make sure not to stalk her. xD ))
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From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: The fluffs are watching you with creepy eyes and looking straight at you...

-Gretchen/Candeloro Anon

"Creepy eyes?" She stared at one of the nearby fluffs seeing nothing but cuteness. "I see nothing wrong with them! They're not creepy at all! Just too adorable!"

(( Thank you for the message! ))
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From: An anonymous benefactor
Message: Lovely Little Fluff
Gifting you with happiness

<3 The Haiku Anon

Of course! Just their appearance is happiness to me!
And possibly murder, one day. *Stares at the last part of the haiku* Refrigerator? What the?

(( Let her be confused. Thank you for the message! ))
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Benevolent Mage

I want my blanket back. Auriga just had to steal it. *Wants to hide due to her outfit*

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