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Hang out and chat with other fluff owners and treat others in need of treats! Don't forget to give a <3 please!
User ImageART FREEBIE PORTION OF THREAD IS NOW CLOSED! Status:finishing requests! Not taking any more requests!

July 8th is when I will be finishing up all my requests and I hope to get them all done by the night of the 8th, if not, I will PM you your art from the 9th and later. Thank you for your cooperation!
Please give a <3 and tell others to too! I need 20 more <3's!
Please and thank you!

Thread will continue here until July 8th when the event ends. I ask of you to hand in your requests before the 7th for I will be closing shop on July 7th. Keep your avatar the same until you have your avatar art! If you change your avatar often, I ask you to recreate your avatar in tektek and submit a link. Do not forget that when posting your request, QUOTE ME, INCLUDE THE THEME NAME OF THE ONES I AM OFFERING and GIVE ANY ADDITIONAL INFO I WOULD NEED[depends on type of theme] (fluff name, fluff type, backgrounds, coloring, etc.)
User ImageUser Image[colo r=#4A7023]Here's the Short & Sweet Version
Who: Rogue Blood Angel
What: Drawing Free Avi Arts for WTF and Holidays in 1st week of July
When: June 24th-around July 2nd/3rd 2013, Thread will be moved to another forum section and continue until July 16th
Will not take any requests on Mondays. (Those are my catch up days)
Where: Right here! ~LINK~ What the Fluff forums
Why: Share the love!
How: Quote me with a request!
Now skip to the blue part at the bottom.[/colo r]

[colo r=#E34234]If you're thinking "What the Fluff is this?!" Well, I'll tell you right now!
Maybe you've seen me around before during these Gaian events Like Valentines 2k13 or maybe Easter 2k13 where I drew several avatars For Freeeee! and I am doing just that again!
ONWARDS! So many of you are getting ready for events that take place in the first week of July. Those events would be Birthdays, Anniversaries and random Parties. Two of those Anniversaries would be Canada Day and Independence Day! Click Spoiler for Celebrations in first week of July

•July 1st: Canada Day[Fête du Canada][Originally called "Dominion Day"]AKA: Canada's Birthday or the anniversary of the enactment of the Constitution Act in 1867(Formerly called British North America Act). The 3 colonies formed to create the country above the United States known as Canada. Happy 146th Birthday Canada!
•July 2nd: The day the 13 Colonies separated from Great Britain in 1776
•July 3rd: Someone's Birthday! (Happy Birthday to you!)
•July 4th: Independence Day[Fourth of July] AKA: the Day Americans celebrate the Declaration of Independence! The Congress in the year of 1776 were working on the Declaration of Independence and it was approved and finished on July 4th of 1776 and were separated from Great Britain. Happy 237th Birthday!

Am I missing any holidays? Please inform me if you think I should add another one in there![/colo r]
[colo r=#0070FF]Available Avatar Art Themes
Examples User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image
Your Aviart may not look as good or as bad as some of these examples. AviArt attractiveness will depend on how easily I can grasp your Avatar's design.

•Independence Themes
**I will only be drawing Independence Themes until the 14th of July or earlier.
If "What the Fluff" forums are still going, they will be replaced with summer themes.
◘Canada Day Themed
◘Fourth of July Themed
•What the Fluff! Themes
◘Me and my fluff
◘Custom fluff[/colo r]
[colo r=#BA55D3]
All Arts will be outlined in Black unless requested otherwise.
All Arts will be in PNG format
All Arts will have a transparent background(if I can remember, if not a white canvas background) Unless requested otherwise.
All Arts will have my username [RogueBloodAngel] or [RBA] written on it
(not written all over the drawing such the examples on the left.
It will be written off to the side like the examples to the right.)

[/colo r][colo r=#BA55D3]1 Art Freebie that will be done ASAP per person
All other requests will be known as 'Extras' and will only be done when there is a gap in my time, AFTER all of the other requests are finished.
Refer to Possible Question Section about Extras for further explanation.
[/colo r]

Whew, now that that's done. I have a few more requests to ask of you(don't worry I'm almost done my ramble!)
1. Follow Gaia's Rules and TOS
2. Give a Treat to the Fluffs Around You
3. Hang and Chat while You Wait for Your Art!
4. Vote in the Poll and Give a <3 Please!
5. Spread the Word!!

Megathread: Complete
Inquisitor: Complete
Threadmaster: Requires 20 more <3's
Thanks to all your help!

If I can't give your fluff a treat, I will most likely tip you if you helped out a lot!

Okay I think I'm done! Any Questions, refer to the Questions portion and Quote me if your Answer is no where to be found.
Thanks for your Cooperation! Hope I can get to drawing all requests!

(Yeah I type a lot, hope none of you actually read all that! Whew good thing for Spoiler buttons! They're like folders for posts!)
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**Before you ask a question, I suggest referring to these here.
Questions You May Have
And Answers I have

Q: Will you draw my Avatar?
A: Will you quote me for it? [yes, just quote me because it'll be easier to track rather than combing the thread for requests]

**Also be sure to specify which theme you want whether that be Canada, USA, or WTF! If none is specified, I will either put the request at the back of my request list or draw it as a WTF themed art.

Q:How long will you be doing these free Avatar arts?
A: I hope it will be from June 24th to around July 14h. Since this thread is situated in the summer 2k13 What the Fluff forum, it would depend how long this event will go for. I hope to be drawing Canada day and Independence day themed art from June 24th to July 14th while the WTF art will depend on when the What the Fluff event ends. If the WTF event ends before July 14th, I will have to close shop earlier than I intended. We will have to wait for what the admins choose.

Q: What is an 'Extra' Art?
A: Extra art would be 2nd requests from a Gaian. For example someone wants a WTF art AND an Independence Day themed art, one of those requests I will draw right then and there while the other is put at the back of my request list and my not be drawn depending how busy I am. If you have 2 requests, I suggest you pick the one you want more. If it's not specified for which is wanted as an extra, I will choose.

Q:If I posted in this thread a lot, will you give me another avatar art? Or give me a prize?
A: If you want another avatar art, send in a request. I don't have any prizes to give out, but I can tip some of your posts if you want.

Q: Will you draw my Avatar and my friend's avatar in the same picture?
A: Sure, request it by quoting. It will take more time but you and your friend will have used up your free art and any other request from either of you would be an extra.

Q: Will you draw my Dream Avi?
A: Give an image or link to it in your request. Preferably an image.

Q: Will you draw my Dream Avis all together?
A: Give an image or link to all your desired Avatars, preferably in images. Your request will be put at the end of my Request list for that exact moment. (say I have 3 requests after yours, your request will be put after those 3. If I get another request while I'm drawing those 3 requests, it will be put AFTER yours. Hope that makes sense)

Q: Can I combine choices?
A: refer to answer above.

Q: Do you accept tips, payments or gifts?
A: Well....if you insist.

Q: Here's a picture of me and my pet cat/dog/phoenix, will you draw us?
A: Let me emphasize Gaian AVATAR art. [The answer is No]

Q: Will you draw me even if I forgot to quote you?
A: Depends how much I love your avatar. It's best to just quote me.

Q: What programs do you use?
A: ArtRage Studio and Gimp

Q:It's my birthday!
A: Happy birthday! Care for some free avatar art and marshmallows? (◕‿◕✿)

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I will try my best to answer your question as quick as possible.

Don't Hate Me Because...

•I didn't draw the right amount of stars, points, etc. on the American/Canadian flag.
Why: It's hard to do sometimes. I'm not trying to shame the nation, it's just a small mistake. I promise.

•The avi art looks doesn't look good
Why: This isn't A class art. It's FREE. I am practicing drawing by using volunteer Gaians as a reference. If you don't like it, I suggest finding a more experienced artist and paying them.

•I didn't draw all the items you have on your avatar correctly or at all
Why: I can't always make out what items you have on your avatar and it's a hassle to look it up or it's too frustrating for me to draw correctly so I improvised by drawing what I thought it was or just leaving it out.

•I made your avatar look weird
Why: I'm still learning how to draw and don't quite know how to draw everything the way I know and want it to be.

•I offended you in some way
Why: We can't please everyone when we speak/type so I apologize in advance for I do not intend on offending anyone. Tell me what I had posted that may have offended you and I will apologize.

•I didn't incorporate a holiday that goes on in one of the days of June 22nd-July16th
Why: I don't know all of the holidays, if you feel it should be incorporated feel free to suggest it in a post. The more the merrier!

•The text colors in the introductory page is too bright!
Why: I try to choose the darker ones, but if you can't read it, I'll change it. Until then I suggest highlighting the text and reading it like that or moving it into a word document so it will be in a black font.

It Would Help If You...

•Gave this thread a <3 and voted in the poll
Why: Share the love! We're all proud Gaians here!

•Gave a treat to the fluff above you
Why: You just asked why you wouldn't feed an adorable fluff a yummy marshmallow treat?!

•Didn't quote me over and over and over and over and over again with the same request.
Why: I got it once, that's enough...

•Suggested some good music artists
Why: I love listening to music when I draw and listening to the same old music all the time can be boring... [My favorite band is Yellowcard!]

•Shared this thread to others
Why: Refer back to the first point's why. ♥

•Chatted with other members in this thread and posted a lot.
Why: Because I want this thread to be popular. That's why. (。◕‿◕。)~♥

•Don't hate each other
Why: Hate starts war and war makes fluffs and
The Great God Waffles All Mighty unhappy. (I think)
User Image

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Obsessive Rogue

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Oh my! Finished Art!

All Drawings and the username of the referenced avatar will be posted here and on my Deviantart page along with previous Avatar Arts.
**If you do not wish to have your Avatar Art posted here or on my Deviantart, please inform me in your request and it will not be posted where you don't want it.User Image

Canada Day and Independence Day Art

Canada themed art: :3
USAthemed art 8

What the Fluff themed Art :50![not counting the canadian fluffs]
My event art & Special (signs, examples, etc): 8 (2 special)
TotalArts: 63! (excluding event art)
I recounted this time in my files and it turns out I actually finished 73 ARTS! yeow!

(special art)Poppy Red5 comforting Trilly the Citrus Fluff
User Image
StrawZie and a Clover fluff being cute as ever
User Image
Eternal-mel, her pegacorn and the Ice King reenacting a scene from the Lion King
User Image
(random event Art) 3 Canadian fluffs ready for summer
User Image
TankCommanderKay sleeping during 4th of July fireworks
User Image
n o i r i s t with her radioactive fluff & friends explore the dark
User Image
Ashlex_in_pearl and The Doctor (the Citrus fluff) are reading for adventure!
User Image
KarkatdokiVantas face palms as Pizza the Wyvern fluff torments Can town
User Image
xXx_Sunamicoro_xXx feeds her cupcake fluff a rainbow lolli while they sit on clouds with rainbows
User Image
RyogaRob and Glowstick the bumble fluff find treasure!
User Image
Kefkadragon and his Citrus fluff are ready to 'finish some unwanted business'
User Image
Sylvanass admires her cute Citrus fluff
User Image
vloo watches TV while Nibbler the pegacorn and friends doze
User Image
III Yuka III flies through the sky with her kitty fluff and meet a pegacorn fluff
User Image
icyMOTHA requests a fluffed up version of Varian Wrynn
User ImageUser Image
(extra art)Sylvanass is a fallen angel as her pegacorn, her guardian angel, goes to see what's wrong
User Image
Hiddlestuck poses next to her Wyvern fluff
User Image
xPurebloodxAkirax feeds Asuna, her cheerful pegacorn
User Image
Drelmexa_Unlikely_Killer blows smoke while Niels her pegacorn, attacks to the right
User Image
RisingSolarSoul and her bumblefluff, admire the birds that came to say 'hi'
User Image
Alicia007 is ready for the 4th of July celebrations!
User Image
Arakahn calms his Wyvern fluff
User Image
Raven Flagg sits with a bumble fluff disguised as a skunk and several other playful skunks awaiting their prey. . .
User Image
xXxXUtau_HoshinaXxXx holds her tired bumblefluff as it rests
User Image
m e w f u ll y and her Pegacorn listen to silence in the white void with owls
User Image
ZDarkwolfZ smiles at his Wyvern fluff for being just like him as they are ready for business
User Image
Azuneko1 stars up at her glow fluff
User Image
Larien Snowpaw gently brushes her cupcake fluff with her hand
User Image
Sweety Techno poses naturally with her Pegacorn fluff
User Image
Erogenous Jones is being awesome while riding through the sky in a Canadian style
User Image
HerMajestyShirley poses with her Gun
User Image
(extra Art)Eternal-mel and Ice King are back, this time posing as cute fluffs!
User Image
Mewliz waits with her I ♥ USA balloon
User Image
X-DhatNiqqaJordan takes a break alongside a cupcake fluff
User Image
Rose Songstress shares a drink with a pegafluff
User Image
Piggyback-Chan shows off her Canadian spirit!
User Image
K-echma hangs around with a Pegacorn fluff
User Image
I-Ecstasy-I Holds her cupcake fluff close
User Image
Ananaa Takes a nice stroll in all her Canadianness (←not a word)
User Image
(event art) Random outfits? [4 different ones]
User Image
Purrfectly yours looks at her fabulous pegacorn while walking with her tired kitty cat.
User Image
Morrigan Skylar holds her citric fluff up on her shoulder
User Image
Sin Fang casually sits while the fluffs sit around (that cupcake fluff is suspicious!)
User Image
Valentine poses calm beauty in her Patriotic Uniform
User Image
BlooKittiKat watches the fireworks with her little friend♥
User Image
Picoura's Wyvern fluff wants to be just like her in the beauty section.
User Image
(special Art)Tears of the Sun God Helios poses nicely.
User Image
Lucentas looks up at the exploding fireworks~
User Image
Belladonna waves her USA flag
User Image
Tallyollyopia hugs her blue glow fluff
User Image
Kitten Grey holds back the drowsiness as her fluffs sleep
User Image
(Extra Art) Eternal mel's cat, Phoebe has been transformed into a fluff!
User Image

Cherryrosepetals offers a valentine with the help of her honey fluff
User Image
Souleater729 shows that a nurse must always help a patient in need. WIth the help of two nurse fluffs, she treats the injured fluffs.
User Image
Warriorprotodermis is the headless horseman, with the head of a cute Wyvern?!
User Image
(extra arts) xXxUtau_HoshinaXxXx is such a nice friend requesting this artwork for her friend! Here, smok and a wyvern fluff battle it out!
User Image
Another one for xXxUtau_HoshinaXxXx this time with a wyvern fluff and a new outfit!
User Image
"Bumble fluff! I choose you!" Keally212 and Fancy Dan are ready to dance!
User Image
Heartjacker13 the mermaid swims around her pegacorn fluff and dolphins and clownfish!
User Image
Shade_style, old and new, spark some fireworks to celebrate another USA birthday
User Image
"pegacorns love strong people" Nyunyuchii shows her stuff as her pegacorn flies happily
User Image
(extra art) Purrfectly yours is back with more cats and a ton of fluff love!
User Image
KezMani's requested avatar puts to sleep a lovely Pegacorn fluff
User Image
Atsue-Chan practices her assassination skills but her albino honey fluff wants to play
User Image

Artist's Comments
Pr5 and Trilly is one of the first drawings that actually obeyed (majorially) what my mind had in plan. I consider it one of my best miracles that has happened to me ♥.
◘The funniest/ random ones would be
•Eternal-mel and her pegacorn fluff reenacting that scene from the lion king
•KarkatdokiVantas face palming as his Wyvern fluff destroys Can town
•Erogenous Jones flying through the air being an awesome Canadian fan
◘ The best ones in my opinion are
1 razz oppy red5 and trilly
2. Tears of the sun god Helios
3.CherryRosePetals (coloring was the last key to perfection)
4:Arakahn and his Wyvern fluff
5.Sylvanass the fallen Angel and her Pegacorn
6.Purrfectly yours and her pegacorn+Cat (first one) [the makeup is perfect! and that dress!]
7.Valentine, cool, calm and beautiful
Sin Fang (blood splats FTW!)
xXxXUtau_HoshinaXxXx and her tired Bumble fluff
There are many other ones that i loved aswell!
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Check it!

Share the Word!
User Image

Enter the Poetry Contest!
User Image

List of Fluff DDR songs & Links!

Special Thanks
(they are not in any particular order)

Eternal-mel, Drelmexa_Unlikely_Killer, Sylvanass, Sin Fang, Tears of the Sun Helios, The Missing Key and many more for sticking around and chatting a bit/bumping the thread a bunch
Thanks to
purrfectly yours and Morrigan Skylar for helping me get the Megathread achievement by Mass posting in the last stretch
Anyone who
Voted, treated, and/or tipped plus other things
Thank you to all the
Models/Requesters for waiting patiently for your art and allowing me to use your avatar

More thanks to Sin Fang for gifting me this Lovely piece of Avi art for no particular reason,
Raven Flagg, LarienSnowpaw and Piggyback-Chan for wonderful thank you tips,
Erogenous Jones and Morrigan Skylar and BlooKittiKatfor randomly gifting me a thank you,
and also a big thanks to the Compliments and thank yous from random Gaians!

Super Thanks to Purrfectly Yours for helping so much to get 100 <3's and for sticking around a ton! Thank you!
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Your art is so cute redface
M00mi's avatar

Lonely Player

Cute art heart
StrawZie's avatar

Devoted Sweetheart

nice arts ... i especially love the purple artist art fluff its so cute >u<
rogue blood angel's avatar

Obsessive Rogue

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  • Hero 100
  • Magical Girl 50
Your art is so cute redface

Cute art heart

nice arts ... i especially love the purple artist art fluff its so cute >u<

The fluffs kind of remind me of puffles from Club Penguin! (but fluffs are cuter!)
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Obsessive Rogue

16,750 Points
  • Hotblooded Hero 50
  • Hero 100
  • Magical Girl 50

No quotes/requests yet emo
Is it because I typed too much?! crying
StrawZie's avatar

Devoted Sweetheart

rogue blood angel

The fluffs kind of remind me of puffles from Club Penguin! (but fluffs are cuter!)

Your welcome... they do look kinda alike but fluffs look more cuddly xd
Do you mind drawing me n a green clover fluff?? Please and thank you
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  • Partygoer 500
  • Jack-pot 100
Eve Speaks:

cute art
Kyu KyuUser Image
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rogue blood angel

I would love some avi art with my pegacorn, I had to trade it in yesterday crying , but I would love it if you could draw me and my Mimi Chan (pegacorn), also the Ice King is optional, in case you don't want to draw him User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image
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  • 20 Wins 100
  • Alchemy Level 10 100
What a great Idea, hope to see maybe something for me and my fluff Glow Stick! cool
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  • Cat Fancier 100
  • Fluff Rehab 200

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