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I didn't even get to the fluff's games before my system crashed ... twice! Finally got to the cop game, and I couldn't find my fluff, then it ran out of health...
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Cat Sapphire
How do you re-name your fluff?

Click their name on the pet menu.
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Thank you very much!
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When ever I try click the tic-tac game It doesn't show anything. It won't show me any game or do at least something. I tried the cop game but it was so laggy that I could hardly even run and the happiness stayed at 0 while his health was in 0 too. What should I do?
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little bunnies
Ah! Thanks for the advice! c:

Lol I like you Bee Fluff seems like you look good with it you two match. =D
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I'm not seeing the Home symbol to make a home..... Someone help pls crying
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Thank you! heart
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just for clarification, are "end of the day" and "every 24 hours" referring to real-time, or GST within Towns 2 itself? because if the latter is true, the day turned over while I had maximum Happiness, and yet Loyalty didn't budge.
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Can you tell us what effect the treats have on the fluffs? Do they raise happiness or anything?
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i think Towns2 should have 2 servers because it gets really laggy
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I don't really understand what I'm supposed to do after I send a request to rent a place. Do I just wait or...?
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Do you HAVE to play the games to get the energy to go down?
My system crashes when I try, so I'd really rather just wander around my neighborhood or something, if that would work.
Thanks for the tip Lanzer! But my fluff lost health even though it was sleeping and unequipped, is that supposed to happen too?

One last thing, when you say 24hrs do you mean Towns2 24hrs?
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Stupid ads are showing up in front of links at the main event page. stare
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How do you re-name your fluff?

Click their name on the pet menu.


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