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I went on the worlds biggest indoor roller-coaster water-slide called the Master Blaster.
I also went on Europe's tallest, fastest and steepest roller-coaster, that was called The BIG one.
I hope I'm not boasting, but has anyone else been to Blackpool pleasure beach?
actually, getting bored....... sad
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well the point was to give others ideas if they ARE bored... sorry if it wasn't clear.
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I got a job, i had to do 23 days. I hate it, though it pays too good to stop doing it, and i really need the money, so i thoight wy not give it a try. I sucked at it, seriously. I'm lazzy, slow and always tired, for the job i had to be quick, enthousiast and awake. so i like blew it, i dit it like 12 days and yesterday they called that i didn't have to go today -probably cause i screwed up more then i actually did good) so i'm just sitting home now waiting for my boyfriend to come online.
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Roller coasters are mean as! Sounds like you're having an awesome time. It's winter where I live, but today I went to a roller-rink with my friend and we skated around to really bad music. A good time was had by all.
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im just laying around in my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mrgreen
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i went to dorney park this year.
also i just went to the beach for the 2nd time this summer.
soon im going to my uncle's house for a family reunion.
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Upward Bound. <3
That says it all. xD
Senior Trip > biggrin BOOYAH!!!
After that not much just beach once, and visit friends once in a while
oh yeah lookin for a job too -.-
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being bored
I went to Japan
Gone camping... listened to my almost-step-brother make sex noises to passers by at the camp grounds (that was awkward. I socked him for it.) Watched my almost-step-brother make a wooden d***o out a stick be found with his AWESOME pocket knife O.o that was also awkward/weird. he tried to shove it in my mouth.
Went to Mall of America a few times.... my Grandma came to visit from Australia....
And I'm going to Wisonsin Dells today biggrin funnfunn
...with my almost-step-brother O.O I hope he doesn't try to pants me again... That'd be weird. For all of us. He is my age, by the way.

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