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Life is like a symphony, the good and
bad are the dynamics and
your heart is the metronome...

My first kiss were a ******** waste on a drug addict b***h loving man whore.

But I'm glad I found someone much better than that a*****e.

End of story.

...but when the metronome
stops, the symphony is over.
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My first kiss was around the time I was 6 or 7 and a neighbor and I were sitting on a rock pretending it was a dino and playing house...
my first kiss was prob the best id ever had lol...but im pretty sure i suckedbcux he told me after and laughed but he said jking i was 13 and he was 17 iv never talked 2 him again baha
ha, what i consider my "first kiss" wasn't too bad...it was with my first and current bf razz we were acting like children having a snowball fight and stuff, and yeeeah whee
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gross! scream
mine was awesome
mine was wonderful 4laugh and we're still together too whee it's been 2 years! and he never lets me go heart ...i'm serious....he's like a lech XD
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I went over to my guy friend's house, the night before he had told me that he liked me and i told him the feeling was mutual. We were laying on his bed watching horror movies and he all of the sudden jumped on me and sloppily kissed me. Worst kiss ever. But the ones after that, weren't quite so sloppy, or bad. c:
Unfourtionatly, we rushed into things a bit to fast an broke it off 6 days later. :l
thankfully, my first kiss was actually pretty great. it was on halloween and it was at night we ran away from our group and it was under a lamp and it was just pretty awesome for a first kiss from both of us.

I haven't had mine yet either.

I'm worried though, a lot of these 'first kiss' experiences suck! I really hope mine doesn't! D:

I'd probably like, break down in tears. I've been wanting my first kiss since like, 6th grade. I'm going into 10th now. o___o;

I don't think it's really something to worry about xd
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Yeah, you shouldn't worry...
I've never kissed anyone either. Im waiting for the right time. & I also havent had a boyfriend. Its really weird I know, I've rejected some guys though.

Same here, but yet I've had my first kiss. 0_o

Fine Young Katomi
I havnt had my first kiss yet. Im waiting for the right moment and place. i think ur first kiss is suppose to be one of the greatest moments of ur life. and so i want to remember it for the rest of my life. i really hope it dosnt turn out badly like the other posts ive read.

That's what I think too. Buuuuuuuuuuuut, When everyone's playing spin the bottle and a realy cute guy is playing (the ONLY guy at the party) you can't resist.
But I do regret it terribly. this is how my first kiss went:
bottle aimes at me. and me and him do what ever it says (an app on his ipod).
6people watching you. I realize I should've waited.

Wait for the right moment, seriously. you want it to be special with someone you really like. (:

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