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My first kiss was with my school friend confused but for me it was like practice lol So i didnt call it First Kiss.. And my real first kiss was with the one i love and it was amazing.. rolleyes ^^
I'm sorry about your kiss rolleyes confused
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My first kiss...ehh... technically, (i'm a girl IRL) it was with another female, but we were ...I guess LARPing for whatever reason? it was ick.
Then I kissed a guy and I was relieved to be straight.

I really actually don't enjoy kissing all that much.
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Ew gross! xp I haven't had my first kiss yet im not gonna have one like that!Careful!
Toni The Tigger
Nope. Never kissed a guy. Or girl.
lol u said or girl rofl
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mine was 3 years ago. i was 13 and it was kind of akward. we had been dating for a few months and my friend kind of had to make us do it. he almost missed his bus too lol. but we've dated twice since then and we're not together now but we're really great friends. he's like one of my best friends^^
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My first kiss was wonderful ahh i loved that day its was so romantic even tough we weren't going out he just garbed me and told me how much he loved me and he kissed me and the best thing about him was that wen he was with his friends he would walk over to me tell me he loved me and kissed me but he got really jealous because i had many guy friends and i ended up breaking up with him
I miss his jealously
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lf && Food..

heart heart well it was in sixth grade 1st period scince class mr.arnall.haha me and this boy named parker reyes he was a skater and dressed like one but he wasnt nasty like one he was sweet and funny and tall which i like and then the teacher had went outside to talk to this teacher(he was probably makin out with her lol)and (the day b4 that me and parker were talkin on myspace and he wrote that he had feelins for me and i said i did too but he didnt belive me).and then i sat by him while the teacher was outside and then he kissed me 4 like 3 seconds(i dont think no one saw bcuz they were probably makin out with people too)yeah thats wat happend.

sorry if this doesnt make sense.

ps im not ugly but my avatar is

i love parker reyes heart heart heart heart 3nodding emo mrgreen
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it was my childhood crush ... for my 15th b day or atleast thats what he said.... great kiss but so much heartache after when i asked him if he wanted to date and he replied "im not his type" lol it was so horrible
My first Kiss when a little like this
and twist
and twist
I am beyond envious of you guys that haven't had your first kiss yet.

Either way. I agree. Don't stress about it and make sure it really is with someone you really like. If you just go with the flow and if you really do like them, it will be perfect for you. c:

Some of these are so cute (Jealous!)
And I can't believe some have had horrible luck like I did too ^_^
Toni The Tigger
Nope. Never kissed a guy. Or girl.


That is surprising how?
Toni The Tigger
Nope. Never kissed a guy. Or girl.
lol u said or girl rofl

Well, If I said just "I've never kissed a guy," people would probably think I'm gay, which I'm not :/
I'm so sorry! I'm still waiting for mine, but i hope it goes well.
Mines pretty amazing. At least from my view. At the time were were just friends and he and I decided to hang out a week before trick or treating. . This was in ninth grade. Well his father picked me up at my house and we drove to his. His father shortly left afterwards and it was only me and him. We got into a small tickle fight and he was winning. We were on the bean bag in his living room and when I was laughing he bent down and kissed me lightly on the lips. That was the beginning of our relationship and its been almost two years now. smile
My first kiss was REALY awkward because i was expecting a small not sloppy slow kiss and instead i got her kissing me like i was candy or something lol

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