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Was at a movie theater in seventh grade, with my friend, her date, and my boyfriend. It was one of the nastiest experiences of my life. I expected it to be fireworks, romantic. NO. It was sloppy, wet, and I was counting the moments for it to be over. -__- The kid wouldn't get the hint. I continued pulling away from him, but it was a never ending kiss from him. Obviously, this relationship went nowhere fast and we broke up a month later. xp Anyone else have any good or bad first kiss memories?
i am very sorry
Nicole Rockstar411
i am very sorry

Rofl xD Thank you.
Nope. Never kissed a guy. Or girl.
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wow that sucks lol
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Mine was really awkward. I didn't know what to do and he thought my lip ring was a tortilla chip (WTF?). And he bit me. It was pretty bad.
Then we spent four happy years together!
Then he joined the Navy and it ended.
Toni The Tigger
Nope. Never kissed a guy. Or girl.


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i never kisses someone. They want to but i don't let them. I'm waiting for the right guy. heart
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i haven't had mine yet
i hope it doesn't go like that
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Mine was an accident. I went for the guy's cheek and missed!
Twas amazing i was watching fire works (:
Mine was with a really good friend of mine at the time. We were both really uncertain, but it was really sweet. Ended up going out for 6 years...go figure razz
my frist kiss and i mean the onethat wasnt a little peck on the cheek was in eighth me an my friend were walking to forth and we were in the back stairwell hr stop me to give me an early christmas present it was a little mood ring i huged him and he kinda held me there at first i tried to fight it my face was all eek he kissed my neck and trailed little kisses up my neck til he reached my lips ant first it did feel romantic heart but in the end it was long and gross is mouth tasted like dirty salt water! xp but in the end i still remember rite?
I havnt had my first kiss yet. Im waiting for the right moment and place. i think ur first kiss is suppose to be one of the greatest moments of ur life. and so i want to remember it for the rest of my life. i really hope it dosnt turn out badly like the other posts ive read.

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