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As you know, I was promoted to General Moderator recently. This means I now have double the work I used to have and therefore my time to check on WTG has been dramatically diminished.
This doesn't mean I won't be Modding anymore, it just means that I need your help to maintain this forum within guidelines.

If you want to help, simply PM me (only when I'm online), Arwen, Keruri, Mizuiro & Silver Archangel or another Mod if needed with links to any misplaces threads. Remember that this forum is for Introduction threads only, more Help threads should not be made as there are enough already and they'd just be a duplicate of the sticky ones. If the thread is in another language then it's okay.

Usually a Newbie's first post is his/her Intro, even if it seems spammish. Cut them some slack, most of them don't know the rules yet.

Only Newbies can make "I want friends" , "How do I" , "Where is the" threads. "Someone PM me" & "I want a bf/gf" threads will be moved to the Chatterbox forum.

I think that's it, if anyone has any questions, feel free to PM me.