Sleep Aurora
I dont know you but....Welcome Back from I a Vampire/fox-spirit biggrin
Nice to see more and more people getting back here, Im sure most of the returners are really nice people too 3nodding
Ive also kinda a returner though I returned for like some months ago and the dropped of since I lost my Im online again mrgreen
I've had various mules dotted across the site, to be honest I can't remember half of my usernames. xD
Ahh that would suck, I hate being without internet for a day. xD

Eevee, aww I used to love finishing! I'm kind of scared to go on the Server games without a password room! xD I remember back when they first came out, too many dirty rooms for my liking. eek
I see...oh I too used to enjoy fishing, even have some fishin caps left 3nodding
well dirtytalky people just makes me laugh and go all; Aww you guys, ya better be on the look for teh mods...or like Get a Room XD
Haha I just find it awkward to look at to be honest, I don't want people in the room to walk by, read it and think I'm on something I shouldn't. xD
I know I have rods on my old account, dang I'm missing it now, I feel like such a newbie! xD

Final, thanks hun! ^_^